Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Pudding

Just to further enhance the torture which I seem to be putting myself through, I made cake for Saturday pudding. Well, cake and cookies to be exact. It was too hard to resist. I ate a cookie and a teeny piece of cake. Both tasted very good - my first cake in a very long time.

I convinced myself to be strong and leave the rest alone though. This was my pudding.

Too much to scoff alone, so all the rest of the family helped me out. They're kind like that.

Oh, and please do come back tomorrow. There is exciting news. I have a finished project to show you. And it's a very lovely finished object, if I do say so myself.


Rhiannon said...

A finished project? How exciting!
*Hopes lots its the mystery blanket as she still can't figure out how its going to work!*

quinn said...

We could always tell when my Mother-in-Law began a diet: she made a huge batch of doughnuts to serve to the rest of the family, and watched us eat them. These were REAL doughnuts, too...puffy dough, deep-fried in a vat of bubbling lard, and coated with a thick layer of sugar-glaze.
We all loved Evelyn's diets! I'll bet your family is really enjoying your weight-loss, as well!

Moogsmum said...

I think your pudding looks lovely - you just can't beat a nice fresh fruit salad!
I'm trying to studiously ignore that yummy plate of cakes and cookies.
Can't wait to see your finished project!


silverpebble said...

You have a will of iron. If I had made the things in the above picture I would lock myself in the garden shed and eat them ALL.

Here's waiting...

wonderwoman said...

i soo admire your willpower - but i think your pud looked lovely!!!
will pop in tomorrow then for the mystery project!!