Monday, April 12, 2010

Did you miss me?

I have returned from a few days away in Welsh Wales. We went to visit my mother-in-law. It was lovely there - I was not allowed to do any cooking, but was just told 'no, go and knit'. Oh OK then, if you insist!
I did not take the infernal Ishbel with me, but have been doing some of it since I got home. I only hope that when it's all done, I will finally feel the love, because at the moment, I cannot stand the bloody thing. Love the yarn but hate lace weight - if that makes sense! Love the halo of the mohair but hate knitting with it. Really don't like the pattern at all, it's just one big mess of holes with no order in them. Cannot understand what everyone raves about so much - I shall never, ever in the whole of my life knit another one. Neither will I be using poxy lace weight either and will only use mohair if it's super chunky!!!

But on the other hand, Polly Jean is a wonderful pattern. I have loved knitting these, even though I have finally worked out that I've been making the stitches all wrong, so my leaves/ hearts don't look like they should. But I am still very pleased with the way they have turned out. And the yarn is fabulous - Posh Laura, naturally Posh again.

I did some other knitting too - more of Tempest and started on an 'easy' sock - had so many complaints last month about the 'Sock A Month' challenge pattern being too hard, that I hunted for an easy pattern. Had to try it out to make sure it was easy. And fear not all you weaklings who refused to tackle Polly Jean (you know who you are Locket) it really is super-easy. We'll be choosing 2 patterns next month, so you will have no excuse to do one or the other!

Whilst being away, I have gone out on several walks on my own. As much as I love my family, there is nothing quite so wonderful as walking through the forest, knitting happily away and listening to the birds and running water. It has been so cold up there that spring is being very reluctant to make an appearance. There are one or two buds just starting to show on the trees, but at the moment, you can see quite a way up the little streams.

My ridiculous children went 'swimming' in a pool which is fed by this stream. They described it as 'rather cold'. I felt mildly surprised that they found this surprising!

I finished the Seven Circle Scarf and would like you all to know that it is now my most favourite pattern ever in the whole wide world. Forget Baktus, if you have yet to make one of these, put down all your other knitting projects and cast one on immediately. You will not be disappointed. this one is made in Posh (yes, I know, again!) cashmere - Sophia 4-ply and I LOVE IT!!! It's like a soft cosy necklace

Just one last photo for now - when we came home, I had to quickly unpack and then get on with decorating a cake. I had made all the decorations before we went away so it just needed icing and assembling (had made the cake before we left and froze it). The instructions this time were 'it's for my mum and she does scrap-booking and makes cards so please do something that resembles that'.

Right, I'm off now to make dinner. Bacon sandwich anyone?


Anonymous said...

love the cake and I think your scarf/cowl is going to be a brilliant use of my Natural Dye mini skeins!!

trash said...

Me please. No mayo or sauce and just between lightly buttered toast.

I am still cursing the blurry Polly Jeans despite your best efforts to make it simple for me. I think they just don't like me.

Ali said...

The scissors on the cake are just brilliant. And I'm with you on the seven circles cowl/necklace thingy. Great travel knitting too!

Mama said...

That cake is adorable :)

In the midst of knitting lace for two ring-bearer pillows (Joan is crosstitching the tops) - LOVE lace knitting - will have to post pics of swatches. Have to be honest and say that I didn't even attempt to swatch the mohair yarn sent to me as an option.

Off to download the seven rings pattern :)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Well I'll have you know I cast on quite a tricksy sock last night (9-5 on Ravelry) - it just didn't have a silly chart to follow!

Great cake by the way! Locket xx

sara said...

Keep on with the shawl I thought the same when I did mine. It looked fantastic though. I may even do another - sometime!!!!

wonderwoman said...

yes you were missed!! That cake is amazing, and the scarf looks gorgeous - i gave up on the baktus but i might have to give that scarf a go! Bacon sarnie, you say, mmm, yes please, lots of mao and toms and lettuce - not that i'm picky or anything!


Anonymous said...

I've made a few lace shawls with no problems, but Ishbel I found difficult, the lace pattern just doesn't seem to flow for me, like you I felt like I had a mass of holes with no logic to them - I did persevere, counting every row, and it looks pretty, but I don't think I'll do it again. Maybe try something simple and intuitive like Forest Canopy in a smooth solid coloured sock yarn before you give up on lace completely?

And your cake is lovely!

silverpebble said...

Knitting whilst you walk? What about looking over your shoulder in case of vicious rabbits? You know, the bitey ones. You are most brave.

marit said...

Yes, I've missed you! Sounds like you have a lovely mother-in-law!

That cake is gorgeous! So fun!

I've never knitted Ishbel, but I love lace shawlknitting. Hate fuzzy yarns though...

And my Polly Jeans are done!DD2 walked off with them, happy as a fiddle.

Sarah Knits said...

Not quite finished my socks but yours were the inspiration I needed to get past the heels - thank you!

I am worried though as mine look very like yours so what bit did you do wrong?

Did miss you though but had my own bacon sandwich last night!