Monday, April 19, 2010

Upside down and back to front

My children, both very keen for you all to know that they can jump high, wanted me to show you their somersaults on the trampoline. We bought this quite a few years ago (8?) and hardly a day has gone by when it's not been in use - rain, snow, hail, sun, fog, you name it. It has been the best value 'toy' ever bought and they have loved it so much. Sadly last week it broke - 3 of the legs fell off. Pretty serious, but fortunately very fixable. It was a bit of a pain trying to dismantle and then get it back together - many swear-words issued forth from eldest son. But we managed it. We are not quitters!

Eldest son has taught himself lovely, neat and graceful somersaults. Would that he showed half as much perseverance with his school-work!

For some time now, mum has been wanting a Christmas Cushion. She asked me to make her one for her Christmas pressie this year, but obviously either forgot, or fancied making one herself. She borrowed a blanket book from me and set about making squares. I sewed them all together and this is the result. Not sure if I can bear to give it back to her - isn't it gorgeous?

Here's the back which I love almost as much as the front.

Mr Stressy has requested one, as has my brother, and I'd love one too. anyone else wish to join the queue? So I feel that mum may be rather busy for the next few months. Sadly though, she has decided to make a Christmas Blanket now, so all cushion orders will be ignored.

Oh yes and thank-you all very much for your opinions on African Adventure. I was honestly expecting you to say that I was mad, don't do it, you have far too much else to do, finish one of your many other projects first... But oh no, seems like you want me to have a go. So I duly printed off the pattern (only 3 pages long) and cast on. Well, talk about addictive! I had to force myself to put it down, finish something else first. I'm trying hard to be strong, but it is so difficult - what a most fantabulous way to use up oddments (sock yarn works brilliantly when used double). Just to make a change - I LOVE THIS PATTERN!!! I won't show you a picture today (because I haven't taken one) but will do very soon. Promise.


Trash said...

That is some serious leapage going on there. Am v. impressed it is only legs on the trampoline that have broken during that eight year period. Obviously your boys are quite elastic.

wonderwoman said...

would that i was that supple!!! I do love your mum's cushion!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That is pretty incredible bouncing going on there! Do you play too????

But I'm not happy about you casting that new blanket on. I distinctly remember telling you NOT TO DO IT!

Will you please do as you are told in future?

And if not would you please post a photo immediately!

Locket x

quinn said...

Your mum's cushion is lovely! And I also like the back as much as the front. It's an all-year-round holiday cushion!

Does this mean amazing color sense and knitterly skills are genetic??

Mama said...

Me please. Kindly add my name tot he Christmas pillow queue.

ps: I am thinking that tramp would do wonders for my problem back.

Moogsmum said...

Glad to see all bouncy activity has resumed. I'm going to have to check the legs on our trampoline now!

I'd very much like to go on your Mum's cushion waiting list. If she's bored with Christmas ones by the time she gets to mine, any theme will do!

Can't believe you're doing that blanket. Quite quite mad!