Monday, April 26, 2010

May Socks

I have been in a bit of a dilemma of late. I finished Polly Jean ages ago and have been desperate to start some new socks. But I was strong. I wouldn't let myself. No, do some more of your blankets, all 3 of them (yes, I own up to starting the African Adventure). Finish Tempest. Finish Carica. Finish Soho.

Nooo. I want to make some pretty socks.

But I can't start new socks until May. May is the time when the pattern for the next sock in the 'Moogsmum and Stash Basket Sock a Month Club' is released. Incidentally, someone please think of a good name for us, this is a bit long-winded every time.

But does it matter?

Yes. No. Dunno.

Brainwave. We had so many complaints last moth about the pattern being too hard that we decided to offer up 2 patterns this month. One easy and one a little bit more challenging. So I needed to make the easy pattern just to prove it is easy.

And blimey, it's easy. Come on all you reluctant sock knitters, give this one a go. It's worth it just for the name. Wise Hilda's Basic Ribbed Socks. This really is and easy, mindless pattern - I completed one in Wales in just 2 days - most of it done whilst walking up and down hills (carefully avoiding the Biting Bunnies, Silver Pebble, so do not worry!)

I used Skein Queen yarn recently purchased from a destash on Ravelry. Nicely subtle, quiet, understated colours. I love them! A little bit scratchy at the moment but hopefully they'll soften up in the wash.

Now that they were finished, I still felt the need to do more socks. I love knitting socks. I did a bit more blanket but got bored and longed for the socks, so thought ah what the heck, just go for it. Little did I know that Moogsmum was also suffering from a similar dilemma. So we've both cast on today. Presenting the May socks. Macchia Di Colore. I'm just using 2 colours for mine - Colinette Jitterbug in Burnt Ochre and Velvet Leaf, but the possibilities for using up oddments are very obvious (providing you don't mind darning in loads of ends!)

No lace work this month, but lots of colours. I've always fancied stripy socks and these are stripy with a bit of texture - short row bobbly stripes. Great pattern, very well explained and free.

So come on then, who's going to join us? All volunteers are most welcome. You have until end of May to finish. We have already chosen the socks for June, July, August and September, although Moogsmum is still being a coward and refusing to do these. Can't imagine why - the pattern is only 15 pages long...


Rhiannon said...
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Rhiannon said...
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Rhiannon said...

(blogger went mental and posted my comment 3 times. That was embarrassing....)

Moogsmum said...

Blurry stoopid blurry socks - which silly stoopid knitter suggested this silly pattern?

Ah. Yes. That would be me. Ahem.

First attempt in size large now frogged as they're too big even for my less than slender ankles (and I do tend to knit to guage). Not sure whether to try small or medium next.

Oh heck, I'll go for medium.....after all, I do have until the end of May, right?

Love your ribbed socks by the way. May have to cast these on too :o)


p.s. I really really like Rhiannon :o)

dottycookie said...

I did cast on Polly Jean but with the best will in the world, they're just not going to happen. Now, the ribbed socks on the other hand. Yes, I am a wimp. Yes, I am pathetic. But I am also a realist.

And if you choose 15 page patterns I may just have to make them into paper aeroplanes and hurl them up the A10 ...

marit said...

I just KNEW you'd come up with just the right pattern- I have a TON of sock yarn in tiny little balls! I'll print tomorrow- our printer is so noisy...and everyone is in bed...
Chuncho? I'd love to do those-LOL! They are so fun looking!

Calidore said...

Well quite frankly I don't blame Moogsmum for not wanting to try the second sock pattern. That's down right scary. As for the Macchia Di Colore socks....I've printed out the pattern, just like I have printed out Polly Jean but not begun it. I haven't joined the group - as yet...vbg - just one or two too many projects on the go at the moment, but thanks for all the sock inspiration. You girls are amazing.

Sarah Knits said...

Please never ever put the chucho socks up as the pattern of the month - sorry but that would be just too much of a challenge.

Polly Jean are still OTN despite making a good start the heels stopped me, only because 2 at a time seem hard but I now must finish them so I can cast on these new ones. These don't look like 2 at a time would be easy so back to single sock knitting for now I think! At least the bank holiday will provide the extra knitting time I need to catch up!

Also a huge 'thank you' for doing this it is so much fun keeping up with you all and just the motivation I needed.

Pat said...

I love your sock choices for May but have already made up my mind to knit a different sock in May...and don't worry I will finish my April socks before the stroke of midnight April 30th!

wonderwoman said...

I love the look of those ribbed socks and the new pattern looks intriguing!


trash said...

Ooooo, you have Maria teetering there. Give here a good push I say and send her headfirst into sockageland.

Although my sock needles made it through security I could not bear to face trying to figure out the PJs at 30 000 feet so spent most of teh trip knitting CK's socks. Plain black socks. On a plane. Hahahahaha, just occurred to nme that makes them plane black socks!

Marie said...

The orangey socks are lovely. Even the ribbed pattern was a bit too much for my DP addled brain though. I just can't seem to get to grips with knitting in the round at all. I don't know why. It's very frustrating. >:(

Loving the yarn for the new ones. Fabby colours.

silverpebble said...

our feet look a little flat - perhaps a pedicure might help x