Thursday, May 6, 2010


Rushed home from school, hassled boys into cleaning teeth, rush, rush, rush. Dentist at 4.20. Grr, why are all the traffic lights set to red when you're in a rush. Only one parking space available which involved some parallel parking - miraculously managed this at only 6 attempts. Got into dentist at 4.19, relaxed in the knowledge that we were on time and therefore going to earn loads of brownie points.

'Hello, Stashbasket family here for our 4.20 appointment.'

'You're a day late Mrs Stashbasket, you should have been here at 4.20 on Wednesday.'

'Er, are you sure? It says Thursday on my calendar.'

'Yes, quite sure, the dentist was rather cross because you had a 40 minute appointment.'

'40 minutes? For a check up? What on earth does he do?'

I shall find out at the end of July which is the next available appointment.

(1 hour later, I've just been to vote and have inadvertantly taken Mr Stressy's voting card. Think I ought to go to bed for the rest of the day and hope that tomorrow will be better!)

(2 hours later, they say things always happen in 3's don't they, so I really shouldn't be surprised. Our car, which has been in the garage for the last 3 weeks being repaired has just broken down. We only got it back yesterday.)

I have a cake to decorate tonight. Am slightly nervous about doing it now.


Ali said...

I did the same thing at the opticians recently. Doo lally - I used to be such a together person too. Blame it on parenthood.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...


busybusybeejay said...

We all have days like that!Why is it we are always a day late and not a day early.Hope they didn't charge you.

wonderwoman said...

don't worry, we all do it - i once turned up a week late for a dentist appointment!!!


dottycookie said...

In a former life I was a dental nurse. One day I booked an appointment and gave the card to the patient, but forgot to enter it in the booking system. Talk about oooops!

Kitty said...

I sat in for an afternoon waiting for a Tesco delivery that was, in fact, due to be delivered the next day. Going loopy, I am.

At least you went to vote, and that's the important thing. Am sure Mr Stressy won't mind taking your voting card :D


Jan said...

and theres me thinking Iwas the only one hee hee Jan xx

quinn said...

Arghhhh! I often spend entire days convinced that they are other days entirely. I blame it on "something in the water."

ALL the water. On the planet.

Good luck with the cake!!

Mama said...

Sounds like my day today :(

marit said...

Yikes! My daughter's dentist sends us a text message a couple of days before our appointment, our hairdresser does it too.

But I am quite certain the cake turned out fabolous!!!

silverpebble said...

That sounds like a typical day for us here too. Don't worry, have tea.