Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Headless chickens

Mum and dad popped over to see me today and they were chatting about their upcoming Golden Wedding. Am now feeling guilty that the blanket is neglected. Must finish it (am so close, only 3 squares left to knit and 81 to sew together and a border to knit... mmm, yes, really close to finishing...)

Still miles behind with the mystery blanket.

Still not turned the heel on the macchia sock.

Still not made any of the huge cakes or started any of the decorations.

Still not put finishing touches to a school project to be completed by Thursday.

Why am I so rubbish at finishing things?


Elizabeth D said...

Still not perfect, huh?

silverpebble said...

I think you need to smell some lavender.

quinn said...

I blame the puppy. My puppy is six years old, but I'm pretty sure it's still her fault! ;)

wonderwoman said...

i think a deep breathe and a big glass of something is in order!

trash said...

thank heavens. I read the title and thought Harvey had taken things a puppy step too far!

Not crubbish at finishing at all, just have a puppy in the house. I'm with Quinn.

Daisie said...

You are only 'bad' at finishing things because you are soooo good at starting them:-)

dottycookie said...

Ummmm, because you're as human as the rest of us?

Breathe, and if that fails, kinhale chocolate.

Moogsmum said...

UPCOMING Golden Wedding? Eeeeeek!!!

It's coming round quickly then ?

I may have to come and stay to help you get the blanket sewn up - although I'm messier than the puppy so maybe not!

Better still, bring it all here and we'll have a weekend blanket building retreat. Just leave them a couple of dinners in the fridge and a plentiful supply of poo-bags :o)