Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cold feet and warm toes

It's very difficult to take a photo of your own feet isn't it? Following the outcry (by one particular blogger) about the cruelty involved in making an 8-year old boy wear a pink girly sock, I thought I'd better try on the pair myself. Besides, he's in bed and I don't feel like waking him up just to try on the socks.

These are for mum and dad as a new home present. I know, I know. Strange new home present, especially for dad, but there is a reason. Mum has been really worried about the move, so I made these in case she got 'cold feet', but if she really did get cold feet, I made them so that she could wear the socks rather than making dad suffer with her icy tootsies.

Glad to see you're making as much sense as ever Michaela. But I'm just so excited. Now these are done, I can pick up Tipsy again. Yippee! Or as my American friend Clara said, 'Happy Happy Happy Dance'.


Emma said...

Lovely socks. Lucky Mum. Enjoy [being] tipsy !
I obviously need to knit faster !

Working Mom Knits said...

"Cold Feet" - you clever girl!

Monkee Maker said...

I so did not kick up a stink!! I merely suggested that POSSIBLY an eight year old BOY may not feel entirely COMFORTABLE in GIRLY PINK SOCKS. That's all!

I'm sure your Dad will love them though :)

ps. They're very cute

Tracy said...

trust monkee maker to cause a fuss!!!