Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tipsy Tuesday

The thing about Fair Isle is that it looks lovely on the back too - especially when the picture's a bit blurred! This is the second sleeve, like I've said before, I'm not a fast knitter. I would, however be a bit faster if I didn't spend so long on this computer.

Hope you're all knitting me a square by now. Come on, I need to start sewing them together! If you know my home address, please send them here, but if not, use the address on the side bar.

I've had a bad day today (a very shitty one in fact if you get my drift Kerrie) so I won't dwell on it. Going to cook tea now. Take care all and get those needles clicking - 4" is really quite small...


warrenincolne said...

One square knitted here, but we'll hang onto it and bring you ours in one batch.

Do you want the squares blocked, or would you rather do that as part of your size-matching process?

kerrie said...

oh no, not another one. I've had one of those days too but its slightly different for me - all part of my job description.

Catherine said...

I have knit 5 squares and will get them in the post either tomorrow or Thursday.

How many squares do you need/hope to get in total? I can do more if necessary.

picperfic said...

tipsy is totally gorgeous! Think you sound like you could do with being a bit tipsy too! As for your squares, well, I am just finishing off the socks for my giveaway and i have cut them short by about an inch so I can make you a square out the same yarn. Don't worry, I'm sure the winner won't mind rolling his/her toes up in the socks! Its a gorgeous, natural dyed alpaca/silk yarn so it will be a special square or two i make for your blanket! Hope you have a better day tomorrow x

Monkee Maker said...

Sorry you've had a horrid day. I totally agree with picperfic ..... you should make Tipsy Tuesday live up to it's name!

Vera will be in the post tomorrow, so maybe she'll help. I may just use her one. more. time. Before the hand over in ownership. But rest assured it won't involve anything smelly this time :)

the vicious chicken said...

Look here Michaela, I was willing to forgive you for gloating about Vera, but there's no need to rub it in by coming to my blog and leaving rude comments as well. I quote: "you obviously have far too much time on your hands and need something to do".

Actually, I think you'll find I'm really rather busy, what with trying to finish off my own monkey so I won't be MONKEYLESS (unlike some people), and ooh - I don't know - perhaps also trying to knit a square for someone who requested it.

Actually I lie - we're not knitting at all, we're baking using the recipe you sent us! So thanks very much for that :o)

As MM says, I hope Vera does cheer you up after your bad day today. And here's to tomorrow being better.

Working Mom Knits said...

Chin up old girl!
We all adore you - and we aren't the easiest folks to please ;}

xoxo from America

ps: hoping that "shitty" doesn't mean actual shit - worried after hearing about the peepee experience...

April said...

You don't *really* bug me. I mean so what if you are a first class baker and you get to live in England instead of sweaty California and now you've got a MONKEE. I mean, I'm a big girl, I can handle it.


Monkee Maker said...

Hi Michaela,

Just a quickie ..... I didn't mean a word of what I put on my blog today ..... it was all done in my sad desire to garner cheap laughs.

April, however, means everything that she put on her blog - and she's spreading the word ..... your word!

(She's better than me)