Friday, September 7, 2007

Emily's Cake

Oh look, here we go again. It's tomorrow already and I still haven't been to bed. My back and feet are killing me (sounds like it should be mentioned somewhere in a Madness Lyric Warren, but haven't the energy to find it!) but I just need a few minutes to unwind before bed time.
You know how you sometimes get too tired to fall asleep? Well I'm at that point now. Body's exhausted but brain won't stop chatting to me.
Sorry Mad Monkee Maker Lady, the car cake has been collected, so you can't have it. You may, however like to pop over one day next week when it's my 100th blog birthday. Maybe something edible will be offered up as a birthday prize... (nothing fancy like the above as it wouldn't survive in the post, but maybe something else...)
I've mastered the staying dry thing at school. I just send the poor little boy to the toilet every 10 minutes! I really shouldn't have said that should I? Tempting Fate and all that. Someone's bound to do it again tomorrow. Then I'll be back home for dry things. Luckily I only live 2 mins walk from school.


daisie said...

what a pretty cake!

I hope you have a quick nap after school since you stay up so late?

couldnt you perch on a stool for the decorating, to spare your feet? or have you tried Birkies?

Working Mom Knits said...

oh! what a sweet cake!

almost 100 posts already?! And to imagine, I knoew you when...


Monkee Maker said...

Michaela .... you seem to be confused about the name of my blog .... it's just Monkee Maker. I think Mad Lady's blog is something else entirely.

Well, looks like another amazing cake has been created in your kitchen and my stomach is rumbling at the prospect of your 100th post goodie. (Nothing new there though, my stomach is always rumbling!)

And for your information, I'm knitting as fast as I can! Doh - ok so I'm lying - MFS has definitely set in!

April said...

My goats would pee on me all the time. And poop. I always took it as a sign of affection. Or stupidity on my part for letting goats sit in my lap.

Is that a BANANA cake?

Matroskin said...

Your cakes are amazing!

picperfic said...

you could always grab something yummy to eat when you have to go home to get changed after a wetting? I wouldn't want to go back! You are so clever M, can't wait to bounce ideas off you about our wedding cake!