Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sober Tuesday

Well, today being Tuesday, it's supposed to be Tipsy Tuesday. But I haven't picked poor old Tipsy up all week. I've been doing cakes, finishing mum's Ruffled Garden - or is it Garden Ruffle? - sock and horror of horrors, finishing off someone elses knitting.

This last one is proving a real labour of love. A friend started knitting a Guernsey for her grandson, she got stuck with the neck gussets and asked me to help. The 'help' has turned into a full scale finishing off. It's a hopeless pattern with very minimal instructions (to cut down on printing costs I presume) on how to do the blessed gussets, on neck and underarms. The wool is 'pure wool' but is so scratchy, I can't imagine the grandson will ever want to wear it. Which is a shame as it's been beautifully knitted by Granny. I'll take a picture when I've finished sewing it up.

But all is not doom and gloom. Some lovely new yarn has arrived today from Kerrie via Marianne. it's the all new 'Coast' and is wonderful - can't wait to start knitting with it, but for the moment, it will just be stroked a lot! Yet more sock yarn, and I'm not really a great sock knitter, but this just has to be my favourite yarn weight. The Stash Basket is over-flowing with the stuff.

Perhaps I'm getting ready for a de-stash. And on the subject of that, according to the post thingy on the side, this will be Post Number 97, yet on the Dashboard, it will be number 100. Who do I believe? Think I'll go with 97, gives me more time to organise a give-away!


the vicious chicken said...

Hi Michaela! Just wanted to say I really like your 'story time' picture - and isn't that just one of THE best picture books? I love it so much (although it's so beautiful that reading it always makes me cry - such a big girly wuss!)
VC x

minxxy said...


Those cakes are absolutely fantastic and your tipsy is ......... GREEN!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the end result.

I'm off to read your archives and do some mad cyber stalking......


Working Mom Knits said...

Coast is GORGEOUS!!

*nod you head as you agree with me* It is only right that I should buy some too, seeing as how Kerrie needs to make a sale so she can get the necklace that will bring her out from under the porch - Oh, oops! I forgot that I don't live in England and can't go to the yarn show where the sale needs to be made...drat!

(I believe that's a victory for Sean's side of the wallet.)

Working Mom Knits said...

ps: went to the Rowan site yesterday to drool over Tipsy :)