Monday, December 17, 2007

Blanket Number 1

We have a border of i-cord using Posh Yarn's Emily. That's a border of 4 stitch i-cord, a whole 1,250 rows of it. A drag while it's going on, but oh so worth the finished result!

We have mitred squares (that one was mine!), lacy squares, knitted squares and crochet squares. Plain squares and stripey squares. Square squares and rectangular squares (although you'd never tell unless you turned it over).

Squares of silk, cashmere, cotton, pure new wool and alpaca (and one or two 'man-made-fibres'). Lace-weight, sock-weight, double knit and even - dare I say this - dishcloth cotton!!!

And here it is in all its glory. Blanket number 1 is now complete and ready to be raffled off. I shall pull the name out of the bag on Wednesday to give you chance to buy another ticket, but until then, I might just see if I can find another few prizes to tempt you. Thank-you so much to you all for helping in this. I love this blanket and will be very sorry to see it go.


Kay said...

Michaela, it's gorgeous. Amazing how you were able to coax all that variety into a unified whole.

And surely I'm not the first to notice that your beautiful new kitchen backsplash seems to be .... 4-inch squares?

xoxo Kay

blair said...

It is just gorgeous. I'm glad I was able to make a small contribution to the blankets in America.

Jacqui said...

Looking good! Very good!
Do you still want squares? I have a couple ready to send, if you want them?

Rachel H said...

That's really lovely. I've just made a donation to Oliver's Fund to get myself in on the raffle for these beauties. I'll email you in a moment with the amount.

Rachel H

Working Mom Knits said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

ps: would it be terrible if I asked to have all of "my" tickets changed to bear only my name?

Laura said...

The blanket is *fabulous*!

sara said...

it is beautiful

kelli ann said...

so gorgeous::cheery:: and definitely cozy-looking. fab job. happy holidays!

Merry said...

WOW! Michaela, that is really fantastic. What a wonderful job you have done. The squares look as if they were made for each other and I can see mine! I am still knitting squares but one has been folded and sewn up two sides to make a 'mobile phone mitt' for my SiL. She ruined her last phone by just always throwing it in her bag and it got all scratched, amongst other things! great stuff. Mx

Anonymous said...

Wow ! All that i-cord. So worth all the hand cramp, eye strain and neck ache. It looks really beautiful.
Thank you so much for all the work you have put into this gorgeous blanket.
Thank you to everyone for knitting squares.


quinn said...

What a marvelous job you've done, putting this together! As others have said, it is simply gorgeous. Well done you.

Someone will be a very lucky winner indeed :)

Denise said...

Just want to stop by and wish you a wonderful Christmas. I hope to get back to more knitting and blogging in the new year.
Hugs Denise

Mary deB said...

I bought my tickets a few days ago. This is really a lovely blanket!