Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm off line for a while :-(

Dear People.

Have I mentioned my wonderful brother to you all? No ... well, let me put the record straight right now!

He's charming, whitty, very intelligent and quite the best person ever, anyway, enough of my wonderful brother why am I posting this ...

My Puter has broken :-(( its gone bang and I will not be around for a while (as long as it takes the little man to replace the fuse I imagine). So, please in my time of silence rest a little because in the words of the great Arnie ... I'll be back!!!!

Emma, please phone me ... I'd phone you but I don't have your number!



Working Mom Knits said...

It goes without saying Michaela, I'll miss you these next few days.

One thought, why don't you ask your brother to serve as a guest blogger? You speak so highly of him and appear to turst him completely; I'm sure we'd all enjoy seeing things from his point of view.

Just a thought...

picperfic said...

ahhh...Kylie eh?