Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm back!

So my brother was right - I'm back! Many thanks to him for standing in for me (incidentally, my family have always called me Kylie, not sure why, they just have. I do not resemble Ms Minogue in any way shape or form. Except in my dreams!)

No pictures of the kitchen just yet I'm afraid. It looks a whole lot better, but the tiler is coming today so hopefully there'll be some better views tomorrow.

Just a couple of pictures of some squares today. This top one is very blurred - it's early and there's no natural light so I'm blaming that. This is the i-cord edging that I'm doing and it's taking FOREVER, but will be worth it in the end. Sadly it means that Tipsy is on hold for some time - the Christmas deadline has been thrown out of the window. Not a chance of wearing it on the 25th. Perhaps I'll wear the blanket instead!

This little square has been sent by Arianne. She enclosed a note saying 'please have this square, it's not very good'. Arianne, modesty prevails. Your little square is beautiful and your mitring fantastic. Thank-you. Any more 'not very good' ones will be very welcome!!!!!!!

I have a big bag of squares ready to sew up into blanket number 2. Any that you have, please post them to either me or Kerrie asap and I can start sewing up all over again!


picperfic said...

I love doing icord too but I can imagine that on a blanket it might be one of those things you regret starting....good luck!

Anonymous said...

The i-cord edge is looking good. Arianne's square is fantastic ! Really beautiful.
How about a pic of the pile of squares ?

Why have blogger changed the comment system ? very off putting.

Arianne said...

I've got more "not very good" mitred squares on the needles as we speak!

I'll leave the tails on these for sewing up though, right?

Thank you for thinking my square is nice! I've never mitred before!

Merry said...

Glad to see you back. Well done on the icord. Please can Arianne tell us how to do those mitred squares? Merry