Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More prizes

I can't wait to draw some more raffle prizes, so here are some that I'll be giving away later on tonight. First some Regia Bamboo sock yarn which I bought in the summer full of good intentions to knit a lovely pair of soft squishy socks. But I'll let one of you have it instead. Cos I'm nice like that!

Next up is some recycled sari silk donated by the ever marvelous Kerrie at Hipknits (sorry, the link thing isn't playing the game today)

.. and some beautiful thick and thin wooly stuff again from Kerrie. Sorry for the lack of technical terms here, I seem to think it's blue faced leicester, but am not entirely sure.

And last of all is a big shawl that I've made using my favourite colour of the moment. It's made with silk, cashmere, mohair, cotton and 'wool' wool.

So do you fancy winning any of these? I will probably wait until after Christmas to post them, would hate any of them to get lost in the madness of the Christmas rush, but I really want to start pulling names out of the hat! Ticket sales have gone bonkers since I posted the picture yesterday of the blanket.


Working Mom Knits said...

*attempting to tone-it-down/not be too obnoxious with my begging to win*

You, lovely woman, are about to make some folks very happy : )

*scampering off to Emma's site to buy more tickets (really, they are for other people)*

picperfic said...

ooh ooh ooh and ooh! and the blanket OOOOHHH!!

Anonymous said...

I want the shawl, I want the shawl!


Working Mom Knits said...

Note to Kerrie:
because you know how much I'd love to have the shawl and plan to gift it to me, right? You are too sweet!

Anonymous said...

note to working mom knits :

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

nice try.