Tuesday, December 23, 2008

'Are you ready for Christmas?'

In the true spirit of Ebenezer Scrooge, I feel that if one more person asks me this ridiculous question, I will beat them up. Of course I'm not ready - I don't think I ever will be. There always seems like one more thing to do. I know that by Boxing Day I will have remembered something that I should have done, someone that I should have called or something that I should have cooked. But by then, of course it will be too late and it will just have to go on the list for next year. The list that I make every year 'Things I Must Not Forget To Do Next Christmas'. The list always gets put somewhere safe (usually in the back of my mind as I never remember to write it down!)

But anyway, on a much more positive note, look what's finished at last! Hurrah - my mum can have a present this year! I have loved knitting these socks, they look so complicated, but they really aren't, just very, very fiddly! The yarn is a dream to knit with (Posh Yarn Sophia 4-ply) and the result is so lovely. They have come out very wide as socks, but as mum always has cold feet, she can wear them inside the house.

The colours just sing out, so jewel like. I can see many more of these socks in my future, though maybe in a slightly less expensive yarn. Mind you, when you spend so long knitting something, what's the point in using cheap yarn? It doesn't last as long or wear as well ... Can you tell I'm trying to convince myself and justify another Posh order.....

And just because it wouldn't be Christmas without some food, let me just show you what I've made for the boys for their Christmas Day pudding. They don't eat the traditional pudding (pah, don't know what's good for them) so I've made these out of Hedgehog mixture. I seem to think they'll go down well! (In case you're new to this blog, fear not, I'm not chopping up unsuspecting hibernating hedgehogs. Maybe in the new year I'll share the recipe with you.)

Well all that remains my fellow bloggers is to wish you all a very happy Christmas. Whatever your beliefs, I hope you have a peaceful and joyous time. Thank-you for visiting me throughout the last year, I love having friends from around the world. I even have visitors from over the road - please say hello to Bill and Angie everyone - often visit, seldom comment!

Let us all raise our glasses to absent friends and happy times ahead.

Cheers. Clink.



Marie said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and everyone sharing the house with The Stash Basket.

The non-Christmas pud Christmas puds look yummy.

Just one last thing though....are you ready for Christmas yet?




RooKnits said...

Merry Christmas, to absent friends and happy times.
P.s. Love the socks...

Gina said...

Fabulous socks Michaela - such pretty colours. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Cheers, have a very Happy stress free Christmas. Socks are FAB, I have a mitten pattern to match if you want to borrow it!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Have a really lovely time! I've just given up on all the things I haven't done as it's too late now!

Lucy x

Merry Mog said...

Lovely thoughts and comments. Feel the same way about the usual question. I said "Oh,yes, all done" to a checkout assistant and you should have seen the jaw drop and the look of the person behind. No, I'm not - but thought I'd shock them!
All the very best to you and yours. Looking forward to more stash news next year!

quinn said...

The socks are gorgeous!
And to me, "very, very fiddly = "complicated"! Well done!

All the best to you and yours - have a lovely holiday :)

wonderwoman said...

a very happy christmas to you too! the socks are gorgeous and i'm sure your mum will be thrilled. the puds look just scrummy!!


Daisie said...

A very happy Christmas to you and yours!

I'm not ready either but have given up all hope of being now and have opened the tin of roses and a bottle of wine instead!!


Mary deB said...

Happy holidays to you, too!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to everyone of the Stash Basket! Your mother's socks look complicated to me but beautifully done! I wish you a peaceful Christmas and a little time for you. Take care. xx xx


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