Sunday, December 14, 2008


That's how I felt yesterday. I had not slept well - Mr Stressy is poorly and had coughed and spluttered all night long. The wind was howling outside and the rain was lashing against the windows. Yes, that's it. It was just lack of sleep. It had nothing to do with the fact that we went out for our Christmas meal from school and that I had eaten far too much and that I had drunk several glasses of wine and gin (not together). It was only one gin and 3 glasses of wine (I don't normally drink alcohol, give me a cup of tea any day, but I felt it rude to ask for tea in the posh restaurant) which isn't that much really is it? Well it must have proved too much for me. Oh, no, now I'm getting away from the real reason I felt jaded. Blame Mr Stressy and the weather Michaela. Yes.

Anyway, to recover, we decorated the tree. Mostly it was the boys who decorated it - I did the garland up the stairs and the hanging things. I have lots of knitted tree decorations so they decided it would be nice for them all to have a party at the bottom of the tree.

I miss not having a real tree, the smell is just so Christmassy. But we used to have such trouble keeping the real one upright. We bought loads of those buckets with props to hold your tree up, each one guaranteed to work. And none of them ever did. Every year, the tree caused stress levels to rocket skywards, one year I remember sitting holding the darn thing up for 2 hours until Mr Stressy returned from work. I must admit to being a Mrs Stressy by this time! So the artificial tree was decided on, and a nice smelly candle that smells of pine trees! But I still miss it all the same.

Once the boys had gone to bed I decided to put the chocolates on - the mini stockings with teeny toblerones in. How long will it be before they find them?!

And great news on the blanket front. Number 2 is finished. Can you spot your squares? If not, don't worry, they will probably be on the second blanket, which is 20 squares big now. Don't forget, if you get bored of eating over Christmas and your knitting is all done, try making some nice mindless 4" squares for someone over at St Dunstan's. Keep an elderly person a bit warmer this winter. Many thanks.


trashalou said...

loving your work on the blanket Missus.

As for those decorations - you truly are clever!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your blanket looks gorgeous and I'm impressed you have your tree up - we haven't managed to get one yet!

Lucy x

Kathleen said...

Love the partying ornaments! :)

For real pine smell, perhaps a live wreath or pine boughs placed strategically around the house?

Nathalie said...

I see my squares!. I actually have a couple more for you but had high hopes of adding to the pile before sending them your way.

Merry Mog said...

Lovely tree. Jade is a nice colour! I, too, have a lot of knitted ornaments like that. Socks look good. Mine will get KK and fun size choc stuff in. Glad there is still time to do some more squares. Will be knitting squares/crocheting snowflakes on the train to Sydenham tomorrow (to see recently married son who has broken ankle playing in goal for his firm's football team!!)

wonderwoman said...

your blanket looks fantastic! may well be knitting squares just to keep me sane over christmas (mother in law staying, say no more!).

your tree looks great!


Marie said...

I'd blame the Gin. They don't call it Mother's Ruin for nothing ;)

Your tree looks fab. Just think, if you had a real one you'd still be vacuuming pine needles up come Valentine's Day.

Blanket looks lovely. Very snuggly.


Moogsmum said...

The blanket looks lovely Michaela!

I love those little knitted folk having a party on your tree :-)