Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Last night, just as Mr Stressy (aka David) was due to come home, a conversation between him and his boss went thus:-

Boss: Er, David, is that your silver car outside?
David: Yes, is it in your way, do you want me to move it?
Boss: Er, no. I've just moved it for you when I reversed the land rover into it.

Can I just point out at this stage that David's car was parked in a very large driveway, nowhere near said land rover... Is it any wonder he is also known as Mr Stressy? Likely to be over £1,000 of repairs apparently. Thank goodness we shan't be paying for that one!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What a bleep, bleep, bleeeeeeep nuisance!!!!

As you say, thank goodness you don't have to pay for it - but you will still have all the inconvenience!

Boo hiss!

Lucy x

wonderwoman said...

does said boss wear glasses?!!


Ali said...

Oops. Boss seemed very casual about it? Perhaps it was embarrassment.

Mary deB said...

Maybe the boss should just lend you the Land Rover while yours is in the shop! Sheesh!

Marie said...

That's a right old PITA, especially this close to Christmas.

At least he wasn't actually IN the car at the time.

Dozy boss man!


Moogsmum said...

Oh marvellous! At least it was the boss's fault and not the other way round!!


jayne said...

My boss backed his Aston Martin DB9 into my car a couple of years ago! It made me laugh! At least I got hit by something classy!!