Monday, August 10, 2009

Further update on life

Once again I've been neglecting to tell you what's been happening over at the Stash Basket. Life has been getting in the way. Summer holidays are not all that they were cracked up to be when I was little. Being a parent changes the 6 weeks break dramatically. Gone are the lovely long days when all you had to do was get up, sew, knit, read, play and really do whatever you wanted to. No, parenthood has turned them into a daily battle acting as taxi, referee, peace-maker, peace-keeper, cook, entertainer and of course the bottomless-purse-owner!

Knitting has taken a back seat lately - not forgotten completely, but certainly in the back ground.

It occurred to me that I haven't shown you Soho for quite some time. So here she is - a whole lot bigger than when you last saw her. I have now finished the centre panel and have started the end panels. And you know what? I love this! it's going to be so warm and cosy - I'm not much of a triangular shawl person (they always seem to fall off my shoulders) but this is going to be one great big rectangle to wrap myself up in. Knitted in Posh Yarn (did you honestly think I'd use anything else?!) Martha. Love it, love it, love it.

I managed to get a fair bit of it done yesterday - eldest son was asked to play his first cricket match for the village senior team. I was very nervous about this - my little boy up against grown ups throwing a hard, wood and leather ball at him. I had visions of heading off to the nearest Casualty department!

But I need not have worried. His batting left much to be unconcerned about as far as an anxious mother was thinking (he was out second ball, having been stumped when he left the crease). But his fielding was fantastic - caught 2 men out and did some super bowling. I was very proud of my little man. How can this delightful young man be so charming one day and so obnoxious the next?!

I have had several very late nights recently making a real head ache of a cake. Another tanker, but much more complicated this time. The very humid weather has made this a real problem - the icing just absorbs moisture and becomes very difficult to work with - hence the wonky back!

I used to work for this man and very decent he was too. I liked him (but then I liked most of the people in the ship-broking firm I worked at) so I was just sitting here, wondering what he was like now. So I googled him and oh boy do I now wish I'd charged a bit more for this cake! He really hasn't changed at all in the 15 years since I left - I wonder if my salary would have gone up by £50,000 a year had I stayed on! Or even by that much in 15 years would have been good!

See, that's something else I can blame my children for!!!!!

I went to visit mum and dad one day last week. I love visiting them - just look what was awaiting our arrival with a cup of tea. Yummmy!

Well tomorrow we are all heading off to Welsh Wales for a few days. The car is almost packed, the suitcases are bulging and as ever the wellies, umbrellas and rain coats are in the car and will be used on a daily basis. Expect rain. We always do and we are rarely disappointed! (Once we even had snow during our August break there!)

Nos da.


Kathryn said...

The cakes looks fantastic! And your tanker is also pretty good! ;0) Cake making is obviously in the genes.

Have a great time in Wales, with lots of good weather (hey, it might happen!) and abundent knitting opportunities.

Weight update - none lost, but none gained. Still blaming the husband.


quinn said...

Have a lovely holiday, rain or no.

It's been like a sauna here today - your lovely cake would have sunk completely.

That plate of pastries looks totally delicious! When faced with a choice like that, I'm always tempted to reach for the plate and say, "Thanks so much! And what are YOU having?" ;)

Nos da!

Ali said...

Wishing you a snow-free break!

silverpebble said...

That tanker cake is incredible and the shawl is coming on beautifully, despite the summer holidays.

Have a great time and eat some Welsh cakes for me!

trashalou said...

Well it is no wonder the boot is bulging on the car if you have had to accomodate sledges as well!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your cake looks fab Michaela - humid weather or not!

And No.1 son clearly did very well in his cricket match!

Hope Wet Welsh Wales is fun.

Lucy x

busybusybeejay said...

I live in Wales and it doesn't rain all the time!!Love the square shawl and the cakes are fantastic!

picperfic said...

Have a good holiday, hope your purse can bear it!

All the cakes look amazing, I just wouldn't be able to resist. You are so kind and so clever, that Tanker is amazing, so sorry you had so much trouble with it..x