Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wet Wales

Well I'm back - did you miss me? We had a very lovely time in Wales and true to expectations, it rained. But not all the time, and it really didn't bother us - we were prepared for it!

While Mr Stressy was doing some family business, I took the boys for a walk in the woods. Of course they found a stream which had to be paddled in - here you can see them emptying the water from the wellies. Only problem here was that as the water was tipped out of the footwear, it ran down the trousers towards the previously dry-ish nether regions. We squelched all the way home.

We went up into the mountains, you can't see these very well as the mist had come down so low (please note presence of winter coats!)

But just to let you know that it really didn't rain all the time, here we are out on another very pretty walk. Can't quite believe this picture, it's very rare for 3 reasons.
1. I'm not wearing anything hand-knitted
2. Both boys are smiling (BOTH I tell you! what an achievement!)
3. Mr Stressy took the photo - and he managed to get my head in it!

I managed quite a bit of knitting (more on that another day) a visit to Colinette (likewise) and a few long walks - if it wasn't for the fact that I ate fish and chips and loads of chocolate, I'd be quite looking forward to weigh day tomorrow. I haven't forgotten you know - don't forget to own up how kind (or not) the scales have been!


quinn said...

Indeed I did miss you! I am enjoying vicarious bloggy holidays very much, as my work schedule is chockablock full since July and at least a few weeks more. Thanks for sharing :)

marit said...

That top photo is precious! So cute!!!
Sounds like you've had a great get-away! Looking forward to hear more:-)

Take care.

trasha said...

Eeeeuw! Squelchy nether regions!! Hoping there was a distinct absence of chafing ;-)

Plus - winter coats ?!?!?!?

Hat said...

Glad you had a good time - I think you deserved it! I'm of the opinion that totally sun-filled holidays are not good. Too enervating.

silverpebble said...

Welcome back Mrs Basket. Looks as though a good time was had (except for the wet nethers. I pledge a pretty something for your raffle. I'm doing my own wrestle with the baked goods.

wonderwoman said...

welcome back - love the pic of you and the boys. squelching boots - been there and done that!!


Working Mom Knits said...

You are a sight for sore eyes!!!Soooo happy to have you back :)

ps: how did you know that you would need to take winter coats with you?

pps: I want to start a new club - "Josh R Friended ME!" - think it will be a hit?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What a lovely photo of you and the boys! Although the soggy photos are good too!

Lucy x

Rachel said...

Glad you had a lovely time! I've lapsed a bit re the diet - haven't weighed myself for about 3 weeks (and am now too scared to find out how bad it is!). Will try and get back on track asap!