Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oops, sorry!

I know it's been ages, too long in fact since I last wrote. Life has been busy. (But isn't it always?)

Here is the first of 3 cakes which have been ordered for the next week. I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating this one has been. We had been invited to a masquerade party (yes, we all had to wear a mask) and I'd been asked to reproduce the mask shown on the invitation. Like an absolute fool, I decided to make it 3-d. Why, oh why didn't I do it iced flat on the cake? The feathers kept on breaking (why oh why didn't I use real feathers?). Assembling it was a general night mare, it was so fragile. The photo doesn't show it, but the whole cake was covered in edible glitter so it sparkled and shone.

How are the diets going then? Mine has completely gone to pot and I really must sort myself out very soon before I explode. I mean to say, more lovely diet raffle prizes have been falling through my letter box, so how much more incentive can a girl be offered?

Here we have some very lovely yarn from Kathryn. The plain one is so soft and silky, I want it and the other one - Rowan Colourscape - is such gorgeous rich colours, I want that one too! Wonder if it knits up in stripes - anyone know?

Some beads have arrived from Dotty Cookie - such pretty beads all in their own little neat boxes, complete with some threading stuff (sorry technical term unknown!) and some crimping beads, so you can make yourself some bracelets or necklaces. Oh and guess what. I want that prize too!

Really must get arse into gear over diet (hmm, have said that before somewhere!)

The thing is, when I make things like this for Saturday Pudding, there really is no wonder why I'm struggling is there?

Back to the fruit next week I think. (Remind me I said that will you?)


quinn said...

The cake is lovely, and the mask looks phenomenal! Good for you, making it work the way you envisioned it :)

I got on the scales Thursday AM feeling pretty smug...been watching what I eat, etc....

I had GAINED THREE POUNDS. Must admit, this was a bit of a blow. Was tempted to eat something as a perker-upper, but am pleased (in retrospect) to say I did NOT.

Pulling my socks up and trying again. Onward!

The loot is really piling up! I must get something in the mail to you. Keep thinking I need to add more, but maybe I'd best send what I've got!

marit said...

Never mind the diet: I WANT A CAKE LIKE THAT!!! It's absolutely gorgeous!!!

(my wordverification: inguld, surely that should read indulg(e);-D?)

wonderwoman said...

i think i'dlike to live next door to you!! lovely cakes!


dottycookie said...

Awww, not fair to post pics like that of yummy cakes!

I did lose another pound this week, but I haven't weighed myself since tghen, so it may have refound itself ... still counts though, right?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That cake is incredible! How on earth do you manage to do the icing writing so neatly???? I can't write that neatly with pen and paper!

Great stash goodies but fabulously tasty Saturday puddings like that are never going to help you win!

Please could you scrap my 1lb weight loss until I join Slimming World a week on Monday? Then I can really count the weight I have actually lost!

Lucy x

Kathryn said...

One pound, heavier. Ho hum. The raspberry bakewell cake is to blame - recipe in Good Food Magazine!


silverpebble said...

Wow that mask is astonishing. It really does look tricky though - icing can be so brittle.

Swirly chocolate goodness? Who could resist? I'm not surprised you couldn't x

Mary deB said...

At least, it's nice to know I'm not the only one not wasting away!
Good thoughts don't seem to be working, so I might actually have to learn to say "no." "No ice cream, thank you.""No, thanks, no seconds for me."
It shouldn't be so hard!

julie said...

Yummy looking saturday pud! If I lived at your house I'd definitely have much more of a weight problem (it's all veggies here at the moment and I'm still not loosing any weight!) Your masquerade cake is beautiful, definitely worth the feather hassles! Good luck with the diet raffle - if I had more will power I'd join you!

Mary deB said...

Here's a link to a book of patterns for Colourscape yarn. You can see it knits up in beautiful stripes!

and I wonder if I did that right...

Mary deB said...
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