Saturday, August 22, 2009

Holidays and knitting news

Blogger is playing stupid today and won't let me do anything. Bah humbug - and I had some knitting photos to show you as well.

Anyway, hopefully by the time I get back, it will have sorted itself out.

'Get Back?' you ask? Why yes, tomorrow at some ridiculous early hour of the morning, we are going to Portugal. So we'll see you in a little over a week. Take care all.


Ah well, what do you know - blogger has sorted itself out in a matter of a few hours! Good old blogger eh?
First photo is what I bought at the Colinette shop. I said that I'd never do it again, but I got dragged into the hypnotic effect that is The Colinette Yarn Shop. If you've ever been you'll know just what I mean. Large room filled with hand-knits, gorgeous colours, some very beautiful yarn (and some not so beautiful - why on earth are they still selling Firecracker?) and there's even a bargain section - which although very big never has quite the same pulling power for me!

I tried this jumper on in the shop and loved it so much that I bought the yarn - the one I tried was apparently a size 34! Get that - it fitted my rather ample 40" chest! They're not stupid there are they? Flattery gets you everywhere! This is going to be a nice easy peasy knit. I only hope it doesn't go the same way as all my other Colinette knits - none of which ever fitted properly and ended up in the bin or the charity shop. (Fortunately this is made in a cotton/viscose mix so will frog it rather than binning it.)

Next picture is a completed pair of socks. Yes ladies, I have done it. A whole pair of socks - Monkeys in Posh Emily. I know you don't really like them Mrs Trash, but honestly, try making a pair and I'm sure you'll be converted. They seem to be magic socks - knit up far quicker than any other sock I've ever made. I have loved these so much and know for sure that more will be on the needles one day.

And lastly, the Porphyria mits are completed too. These are going to be for my mother-in-law who suffers from arthritis badly in her hands and fingers and can't get ordinary gloves to fit. So I let her try one on and she really loved it - had trouble getting it back off her!

I used Posh Yarn Daisy for these - there is enough left to make 2 more pairs I think - an absolute bargain! Especially since mum said she wants a pair too and I could do with some as well.

I've bought a couple of very interesting knitting books lately - both of which are jam packed full of things I have to knit. Mad and crazy socks from Blue Moon and beautiful sweaters and cardigans from Veronik Avery.

There is just too much knitting to be done without the bother and interference of cooking, cleaning, refereeing children, going to work and sleeping. Anybody know a good way to avoid all of these things? I'm taking a second sock with me to Portugal too - Ensnared - not a very nice sock to knit, so I'm hoping that by taking just one thing, I won't get tempted to start something else. The bets are now on. Will I finish this sock by the time I get home?

Tell you what, let's have a little competition. How much of this sock will I get done? I am 5 rounds into it so far - it's all done in knitting in the back of the stitch ribbing and is a very slow knit. Nearest guess gets a pressie. Don't know what, but I'll find you something. (Please somebody be optimistic and say it will be done to the very end of the toes!)

See you in 8 days.


marit said...

Have a lovely trip! I hope you bring some knitting;-)

trashalou said...

they are very pretty. perhaps I could be convinced. have a triffic time en Portugalo and I think you will be past the heel and well down toward the toes.

marit said...

I'm sure you will finish it!

Working Mom Knits said...

Simply for the sake of being contrary, I say the socks won't be done much past the ankle.

Have a WONDERFUL trip!!!

wonderwoman said...

hope you have a lovely holiday - i think you will finish!!!


Moogsmum said...

I think you'll finish it and knit the cuff on it's partner!!
Hope you have a wonderful holiday :)

sara said...

Hot hot hot in Portugal at the moment. I have just come back from visiting my parents there. I did very little knitting as sweaty hands are not good. I think that you will be on the heel. Have a great time.

Mary deB said...

4 inches down the leg is all. Because you will be having so much fun, and because of the sweaty hands.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Will you get the cuff done????

Hee hee!

Exciting news is that I've just lost another 4.5lbs this week! Woohoo!

Lucy x

P.S. I'm sure you'll get past the heel really.

Kitty said...

Hope you're having a fabulous holiday. There's something for you at my blog when you have time. x