Monday, January 4, 2010

Mystery Blanket 2010

The new installment for the mystery blanket has arrived and it's about as different to last years as you could get. Last years was all about rich colours, cotton yarn and symmetrical designs. It would seem that 2010 has brought a return to pictures and much softer colours - we are also knitting with merino wool, silk/wool and cashcotton.

I am going to reserve judgement. It is very early days but I'm not sure if I'm going to like it yet. My 2 worst colours together are blue and brown, so this first square hasn't quite reached the spot. In fact it's about a million miles from the spot! The second one, which I have just cast on, is coral pink with pale pink beads - again, not my colours - and horror of horrors, is lacy. Hate knitting lace. Hate it.

So I shall hang fire with my opinions for the time being. But truth be told, I didn't like last years until about half way through, and only loved it when it was completed.

(The bloggy diet raffle prizes are in the post - except Kathryn's, Quinn's and Mama's - I need addresses please for these last 2.)


trash said...

Umm ... i think you will find my address would get your prizes to the right places. And also this year's mystery blanket if it needed a home. Just letting you know.

dottycookie said...

Oooh, so, not a zodiac blanket then if you have pink lace next?

Moogsmum said...

I bet it'll be lovely when it's finished and the whole process of knitting it seems like lots of fun.

I may have accidentally ordered one or two knitting books - including Debbie Abraham's blanket ones - and they should be here tomorrow. All ready to start on one of this year's knit list :)


quinn said...

Your last year's mystery blanket must be a tough act to follow...but maybe this one will be another dazzler in the end.

Emailing address now...thanks again :)

knitsoftie said...

Yes, my thoughts entirely. I um-ed and ah-ed about whether to sign up for it - I was so taken with yours last year I couldn't resist. I opened the parcel yesterday with great excitement and I have to confess to then feeling very disappointed. I really don't do terracotta... Ho hum, it will be fun to do I guess and may improve as we go along... Good luck with it anyway (like you need it!). Keely x

wonderwoman said...

perhaps if you don't like your blanket you could raffle it !!! But i bet when its finished you'll love it!!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

It must be difficult not knowing how it is going to turn out and whether you will like it when it does....... I think I would really struggle with that! Lucy xxx

Tequila said...

Hi I am also knitting the mystery blanky and am loving it. I hate intarsia as I am not v. good at it but wanted to do the crab as it's my birth sign and he is v. cute. Mine has not come out as good as yours but I am hoping that when I press it, it will look a bit better!! I only have the pink square with the beads left to do. I love beading so I am looking forward to that. I saw your last year's blanky and thought it looked fab. Well done!!