Saturday, January 16, 2010


With all the blanket knitting going on around here, all the Christmas knitting of the previous 2 months, all the other attempts at finishing off a few projects, I have sorely neglected my sock knitting. This is not on. I have loved wearing my hand-knit socks during this cold weather, so much so, that one pair has completely worn through. I am devastated as they were the first ones I made for me. They are now rather draughty bed socks!

Anyway, I looked at my stash of sock yarn and fell in love all over again. I felt the desperate urge to knit socks. So, ladies and gentlemen, I hereby re-open the Startitis Sock Club.

I started this one last weekend. It is testament to the wonderful pattern that I have already cast it off. What a lovely thing to knit. But helped along in no uncertain terms by the wonderful yarn. Retro Rib Sock in Posh Yarn Daisy. Even Mr Stressy likes this one! The photo doesn't do the pattern - or yarn - justice. So very pretty. And so very lonely.

The whole idea of the Startitis Sock Club is that 's it's much more fun to cast on one sock and then do a different pattern.

Eventually I will end up with a pair. But not just yet. Because I came across this pattern. And fell instantly in love. Why is this only in 4 Ravelry project pages and only 72 queues? It's wonderful. Come on everyone, rectify this problem. The world needs feet that are wrapped in silliness.

Spread the word. We need fishy feet! (Hmm, matching gloves to make fishy fingers? I sense another project on the cards!)

But who knows when I'll get the second fishy sock - or indeed glove - done. Because more sock yarn has appeared. Before you shout at me breaking my 'no yarn' resolution, fear not, this was a swap organised before Christmas with WMK Clara. The pink one is too pretty for socks, too girly, but oh my word, that green skein. I think it may well become a Brainless pair. Or Circles.

Meantime, I must get on with the blankets.

And the ironing.

And the cakes that must be decorated.

And the hoovering.

And the cooking.

Oh stuff the lot of it, I'm off to knit some more goldfish.


wonderwoman said...

what a beautiful sock! I am in awe of your sock knitting - they always look amazing! I totally agree - sod the housework - knitting calls!!!


trasha said...

Oh my! Fishy sock!! Was getting all excited until Princess C-W reminded me that have to finish the ones I am currently working on. Bah! Blurry kids.

RooKnits said...

I love the fishy sock - good find!

Moogsmum said...

Yay! Sock Club is back!! I've made it down to my fourth row of fishies and have a sneaking suspicion they won't fit my legs when they're done. I do have a rather lovely niece who would enjoy them though.

I love your ribby sock. The only thing better would be two of them!!

Definately 'circles' for the green yarn. Very yummy.

Finished Minxy's mittens today. Not doing too well on my New Year knit list as I keep adding to it!!


dottycookie said...

Oh, you temptress! I was wondering what to do with my hands tonight and it has to be a new pair of woolly socks. Yum!

marit said...

I just downloaded the circles...have some rather bright selfstriping yarn that might come out well in this pattern! But I love the fish!!!

Housework??? It's almost a year 'till Christmas- what's the hurry..;-)??

Kathryn said...

Your favourite socks that are now bed socks - as it is usually the heel or toe that goes, could you knit a replacement heel/toe and sew it on? And then they would be extra cosy.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I just love those fishies - but they are beyond my knitting skills unfortunately! But I am being caught up in all sorts of new and adventurous (for me) knitting thanks to the lovely wool I won in the diet raffle!

And I've just received my first knit-pro interchangeable circular needles! Woohoo! I'm very nearly a knitter!

Locket xxx

silverpebble said...

Woolly fishy feet. Oh yes.