Friday, January 1, 2010

Results of the Bloggy Diet Raffle

So well done to everyone who has tried so hard to lose weight. We are all ignoring the fact that the last few days has brought nothing except expanding waist lines. No, we are celebrating the whole previous weight loss. Well done us!

Now then, I have drawn the raffle tonight. I was very strong and I promise you, I did not cheat. If I had cheated, I would have won it all! I pulled my own name out twice, so drew it again for one of the prizes, I felt it was not fair for me to win two lots of goodies.

If you need reminding of the prizes, they are all pictured here

So without further ado, the winners are:-

Fibre Spates Blue faced Leicester - Dotty Cookie

Nimu and Thistleknits yarn - Lucy Locket Pocket

Rowan Colourscape - Stash basket

Posh and felt studio yarn - Moogsmum

Sock Yarn and beads - Lucy Locket Pocket

Knit Picks baby cardi kit - Rachel

First fabric bundle - WMK

Second fabric bundle (the one with the red hippo fabric) - Moogsmum

Needle case and knitting needles - Quinn

Please would all of you let me know your addresses and I'll get the prizes parcelled up and sent off. I'm really sorry to those of you who haven't won, but honestly, I was being good and didn't cheat.

Hope you all have a very happy New Year and that it holds all that you could wish for.



dottycookie said...


Thank you Michaela! I am also ignoring just how tight my jeans feel right now, but I hope you'll be proud that I am NOT going to have a second helping of trifle while watching Gavin & Stacey on iPlayer ...

Kathryn said...

Congratulations to everyone, including those who didn't win a prize. So many pounds have disappeared - what a great start to the New Year!


warrenincolne said...

But who gets the wooden spoon, I wonder? I'm not naming anyone, but I'm sure one of the entrants must have PUT WEIGHT ON. Lots of it! ;o)

Kathryn said...

Hey, if I had a ticket for every pound put on, I would have been in with a good chance(says she who can't see much of the touch pad on her laptop keyboard because Flump is obscuring the view). And my weight loss, when it does come, will be rather sudden and dramatic.

quinn said...

What a lovely surprise - thanks so much, Michaela! I had actually forgot this was a raffle, and I had a chance despite my, erm, dead halt on the unpoundage. And congratulations to those who lost, and lost again - you are the biggest winners!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh WOWEEEE!!!! Are you really sure it's ok for me to win two prizes??? Such a fab incentive to really re-kick-start my diet on Monday! Lucy xxx

trash said...

Curses, I didn't win anything. Begrudging congratulations to all the winners.(Would it help if next time I actually entered??)

Mary deB said...

Curses for me, too. But all's fair in love, war and raffles. And really, 2010 is the year of weight loss for me, yessireee. Well done all!

wonderwoman said...

well done all of you, and what lovely prizes!!!


Rachel said...

Oh wow! I was convinced I wouldn't win anything as I haven't been nearly as good as I ought to have been ;) Well done to everyone who took part!
Rachel xx

Moogsmum said...


If it weren't for your inspirational raffle, Michaela, I'd have started this Christmas a LOT heavier than I did. I attribute the fact that I even started my diet entirely to you and the lure of the raffly gorgeousness.

Thank you so much for spurring us on. Like Val I'm ignoring the fit of my jeans as I know I'll get right back into soon as I've drunk this wine and eaten these Hula Hoop Stars ;)

I'm so excited to have won!!