Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year's Resolution

Well, there are actually resolutions. I've not discussed them with you yet, but they are pretty much the same as every year.

First up, I will not buy any more yarn this year. Yes, I know, my mum laughed at that one too. But I am serious. I have some very gorgeous yarn in the Stash Basket and I really want to use it. How long do you think I can last?! I'm taking bets!!!

Secondly, I will finish more projects than I cast on this year. So far I have cast on for the mystery blanket and a pair of socks. I have cast on and finished the mittens from last time. But still in the WIP pile, I have Soho, zig zag anklets, golden wedding blanket, carica, quiviut cowl, little Rowan number, and several other things whose names escape me right now. My ravelry queue grows longer by the day, the pile of books that I need to make things from also grows and a few old favourites are begging to be made again - baktus being top of the pile.

Thirdly I will make more socks, which ties in very nicely with one and two. This cold weather has made me realise that hand-knitted socks are not just a luxury, they are a necessity.

And of course, number four on the resolution list, I will lose more weight and keep it off. Blaming the cold weather again, all I want to do is eat chocolate at the moment. I am having a very special friendship with a box of Cadbury's fingers lately. This brief affair will soon be ended though, as I have eaten most of them.

I am sticking with just 4 resolutions this year. All very do-able don't you think?

Yes, yes, I know ROFLMAO, as someone so succinctly put it once upon a time!


picperfic said...

I wish I could get my dieting mojo back...there is just something so nice about a roast potato cooking in goose fat, and a bit of rocky road...will I ever do it?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hi Michaela - unfortunately I've learnt from experience that resolutions just don't work for me and if I look too hard at all the things I'd like to do better/differently I just get depressed about how rubbish I am generally. Can I just make a resolution to knit more????

Lucy xxx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

P.S. I really agree with you on the handknit socks thing - I very rarely wear socks at all as my feet are my natural thermostat so it has to be fairly cold for me to bother with them but I've discovered that only handknits keep my feet warm in this weather! Unfortunately I don't have enough............yet!

Lucy x

quinn said...

No resolutions here - just knitting and thinking about weightloss. That's my new method: thinking the pounds off. Will let you know how it goes.

I'm SO with you on the need for handknit socks in winter. I've now got a pair for each workday, and that is the "high fashion" component of my professional wardrobe :)

For variety, am knitting a Lacy Baktus for a friend. Then I plan to dye yarn for the first time, with black walnut hulls saved in the autumn. Something to think about? Buying undyed yarn doesn't count, does it?

wonderwoman said...

i decided not to do 'official' resolutions this year - but i do have some things i would like to achieve!! I do want to do a baktus scarf too - just did not have time before christmas!!


Moogsmum said...

Good luck!

That's a most impressive list of WIPs you have there. Someone on Ravelry was on a mission to use only stash this year and decided to put each skein of sock wool into a sealed brown paper bag. They would then just pick a bag at random when they needed their next project and knit whatever was inside.

Just wish I could bear to do that. I need to be able to stroke and admire my stash at regular intervals!

I was only going to knit stash yarn this year and then accidentally ordered some Malabrigo from Loop and some Lambs Pride from Get Knitted. Not my fault, it's the weather - I haven't been out to the shops all week so I went virtual shopping instead.

Accidentally opened a tin of Quality Street this afternoon :(