Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not quite what we had in mind

Well we were promised snow today. Eldest son was expecting a day off school. Youngest son and myself were expecting a day of little work and loads of snowball fights (our school never closes). But you know what we got? Nothing more than a sprinkling , not enough to cover the pavements even. So it was school as normal. Bother.

I have had reports that the Bloggy Raffle prizes are starting to reach their destinations. Goody! I have cast on with my prize - the Rowan Colourscape - making these fingerless mits. I managed to finish one last night and did this much of the second this morning (woke up early, couldn't sleep, felt it was much more productive to knit rather than trying to get back to sleep).

I have worn the completed one today and I have to say it is very warm. Great yarn too! I will have plenty left so may have to do the ribbing of a hat and complete the top of it in another yarn.

Unfortunately this mitten knitting means that the Mystery Blanket is on hold for a few days. And I blame it entirely on the fact that I'm knitting a horrid lacy square in a horrid colour with horrid yarn. Hoping that there won't be too many of these squares - although I suspect I'll have to do at least another 3.

Oh yes and confession time. It was weigh day today. I have put on 3.5 pounds. Ratbags, bum and arse.

Still, I did enjoy all the mince pies, chocolates, sweets, bread, cheese, cakes and trifle. So really, 3.5 lbs is not too bad considering! I am very cross with myself though and am back on the straight and narrow once more. Just off to empty the fridge of all the remaining badness. The birds will be really looking forward to breakfast tomorrow!


dottycookie said...

Yep, your gain sounds about the same as mine. Ah well.

Thank you for my scrumptious parcel of woolly gorgeousness, it arrived this afternoon - guess what I'm doing tonight?!

We had only a cm this morning but we gained another 4-5 over lunchtime and the kids came home an hour early. And did they want to go 'bogganing or build snowmen? No. They grumped and moaned all the way home till I threatened to take them back to school and leave them there. There's no pleasing some people!

Moogsmum said... weigh in is tomorrow night - snow permitting - and I may even best your score!!

We've actually had real snow. Sort of. By this morning we had just over an inch. School closed. Then we had about another inch. School is closed tomorrow. We may have more snow tonight. That might take care of the rest of the week!

I've stroked and photographed my yummy wool and fabric today. My poor postie fought through snow and ice to reach me but he received a VERY warm reception!!

I love your mitten. I adore the colours of the Colourscape.


wonderwoman said...

i reckon a gain is perfectly natural after christmas!!! love your gloves - if you want some snow you can have some of ours!!!


trash said...

Not working on my blanket? Shan't bother leaving a comment then.

Gina said...

Oooh! I've got a ball of that yarn. Now I know what I'm going to do with it. Why is it we always have to finish off the bad things before we can start eating healthily again... I'm just the same!

quinn said...

Shocked to discover I have lost over three pounds since Christmas. Can this be JUST from a lack of sweets in the house? If so, I fixed the shortage today by consuming a massive serving of tiramisu. I have felt genuinely ill (not JUST idiotic) for hours.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oooh! Those mittens look lovely and VERY cozy! I've got a very bad case of knitting-startitis at the moment!

Lucy xxx