Thursday, June 17, 2010

I seem to have done something to the layout of the blog - not sure if I like it, but am too stoopid to know how to undo it. so until I work it out, looks like we're stuck with it! What do you think?


Moogsmum said...

Aahhh, you've been playing with the new toy that blogger has blessed us with. I think it suits you :o)


Kitty said...

A new toy? Oooh, I shall have a play. I thought at first I'd upended a glass of the kids' ribena all over your blog :p x

Mama said...

LOVE it!

Sarah Knits said...

I too have played with the new toy - it gives us a chance to make things a bit more pretty!

I also visited Amazon after your post about socks - you enabler you! I now have a few more books than I intended.

I also did cast on this months sock but sadly it sits neglected due a shawl crisis in our house - I will finsh my cast on socks soon
I promise (all of them!)

wonderwoman said...

well its certainly different!!! i'm such a technophobe i don't think i dare play!!!!


Jane P. said...

Yep, I think it looks good!
As a regular visitor I must admit I looked twice and wondered what was happening but drew comfort from
the stash basket and all was well!
I think your cake for the retiring Vicar was brilliant-You are very talented you know! Keep up the good work.