Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wedding cake

Of all the wedding cakes I've done, I think I liked this one best of all. Loved the simplicity of it - I think if I were to need another cake, I'd go for one like this! (Watch out Mr Stressy, you have been warned!)

Sadly I do not know if the bride liked it, how it went down or how well it was received. A taxi came to collect it, and neither the bride, or any of the family saw it until the reception. Mind you, perhaps by not letting me know if she liked it, I have my answer already. (The wedding was on the day of the first England World Cup Match, hence the flags.)

It occurs to me that I've not given you an update on Harvey the dog lately. Well here he is. Growing like I can hardly believe - I wonder if they put special growing things in that Pedigree Puppy Food! He loves food (particularly partial to stones, socks and ice cubes), sleeps loads, runs faster than eldest son, digs up Mr Stressy's lawn, barks at golf clubs and will not leave my side when it's near to tea time!

Looking at the sad eyes in this picture - they are not normally quite as sad as this- I can only assume he was late with his tea!


Jan said...

Oh ..love the cake ,please feed that poor dog hee hee ..love Jan xx

marit said...

Mmmm... that cake looks delicious!

harvey is so cute!

dottycookie said...

How could she not love the cake?

And by the look on his face I think Harvey would have liked it too ;-)

Pat said...

Love the cake...would be tickled to have one like it!

Harvey is awesome, cute dog.

trash said...

"you shouldn't have givened the cek away. It is why I iz sad-eyed. I would have I eated it." Apparently.

You should direct Mr. Stressy to this post.

Rhiannon said...

Good to see Harvey is doing well :)

(although the mention of his eating pretty much anything convinces me even more that it might be a bad thing for us to have one!)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

The cake is fab - as always! And Harvey is adorable! I notice you don't mention wool amongst his favourite food-stuffs - that's got to be a good thing!!!

wonderwoman said...

i can't see how anyone could not love your cakes - they are amazing! your puppy looks sooo gorgeous!


Moogsmum said...

That is a fabulous cake - they must have been delighted with it! How weird, sending a taxi to pick it up - I'd have wanted to collect it myself!

Harvey puppy is really growing up! What lovely long legs he has :o)


Handmade in Israel said...

Amazing cake!!! They are truly horrible for not thanking you for all your hard work! Love your doggie too... he sounds like hard work too :)