Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wedding Cake - again

I've been a bit busy again this week - another wedding cake was ordered. And boy oh boy was this a tough one to do! All 4 tiers were of the sponge variety (plain sponge with homemade strawberry jam, coconut cake, lemon cake and plain cake with apricot jam). Future brides take note - sponge cakes cannot be left hanging around for ages and all decoration must take place at the last minute so to speak. Please think of us when you have these ideas!!

The bride was very specific with what she wanted - which to be honest makes my life a little easier. And here is the end result in all its glory, sitting on my kitchen table waiting for the bride and groom to see it. They were very pleased (still not heard from the last people in the previous post).

Well, I really wish I'd been invited to this wedding. The attention to detail was incredible - apparently less planning goes on for a Royal Wedding. The weather was glorious, the marquee looked stunning, the flowers incredible. It was all so lovely, I really felt like gate crashing for the evening session!

Here is the cake all set up on the table - thank-you Mr Stressy who helped me put it there - way too heavy for a little weakling like myself to lift!

So because very little knitting has actually taken place all week, I fully intend knitting until my needles are smoking! Someone get ready to call the fire brigade will you?


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Wow Michaela! That's another masterpiece! But I can't believe you haven't heard back about the other cake yet! Lucy x

quinn said...

Another fantastic creation - congratulations! I had no idea about the different timeframes for different cakes, and I will remember your words if I ever marry again. Which seems unlikely, but still - no reason not to be thoughtful if the occasion arises, right?

Speaking of thoughtful - perhaps the other couple was so totally blown away by the awesomeness of their cake that they were too intimidated to call and say thank you and - well, no, that doesn't work. Um, perhaps the cabbie ran away with the other cake? (I know I would have been tempted!)

marit said...

Your cakes are incredible!!!

trash said...

Note duly taken for when I marry my proper husband. CK has been given due notice. Also, can you explain to me this British thing about breaking weddings into three sections? Even after all these years I find the concept quite weird.

wonderwoman said...

wowee - what an absolutely gorgeous cake - it looks spectacular and so does the marquee. I can't believe your other clients have not said anything. Some people!!

did i just hear a fire engine?!!

Anonymous said...

What a splendid wedding cake, Michaela!You are an artist! Félicitations, félicitations admiratives!


Moogsmum said...

Oh my goodness!! what an absolutely amazing cake!No wonder they were thrilled.

I'm amazed you haven't heard anything about the previous cake. I think some people just don't appreciate the skill and hard work that goes into these stunning cakes.