Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June and July socks.

Well, hands up everyone who has failed miserably on their June socks? Me, me, me! I really do quite like these socks, very easy pattern to remember and quick to do... but it would seem not quite that quick. Ah well, I shall get cracking with them now that the cake orders have once again dried up.

Which brings me to our July socks. Both Moogsmum and myself have recently bought fantabulous new sock books and we are keen to knit from those. But we can't do 2 pairs in a month as well as eat and do all the other necessary things in life. So we have declared July a Freestyle Month. You get to choose whichever sock pattern you want - but you have to own up and tell us which one you're doing! I have also decided that July must be a finish it off and get up to date month.

So here are my must do's
  1. Finish Rhodie Gus, the June socks
  2. Catch up with the Mystery Blanket (am hideously behind there - got 15 squares to complete)
  3. Finish the Golden Wedding blanket (3 squares left to knit, 81 squares to sew together and all borders to complete!)
  4. Finish the Tulip socks (they are my July pattern, already started, so a minor cheat there, but just don't tell)
I shall stop there because I'm realistic (yeah? since when?). This unfortunately means that I cannot cast on any new socks. That makes me very sad as I now have loads of sock yarn, all begging to be used. I shall try and keep you updated. Bets please as to how long it will be before I cave in and use some of the new yarn!

Perhaps another day I shall find all my sock yarn and take its photo. It might just scare me into doing something with it all.


Anonymous said...

Scare is an understatement as far as my sock yarn stash is concerned. Don't do it!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I love the Rhodie Gus pattern and have done the first but not the second because I've cast on my first Polly Jean!!!

trash said...

Oooo get you Locket! Have you made it past the first twist pattern yet?

As for you Missus Stash, I give you a week ;-)

Moogsmum said...

I reckon you can be forgiven your 'failure' this month - with all those complicated cakes it's amazing you knitted as much as you did!
I love those Rhodie Gus socks - beautiful colour.

I've just had to rip back 48 rows (3552 stitches) of my Trilobites cos I read the chart wrong. Starting again right now.

Moogsmum said...

p.s. Trashy's very generous, giving you a week. I'd be surprised if you get through the weekend without casting on!