Monday, January 14, 2008

The Generosity of Knitters

This is a present sent to me by Lise in Montreal. I've never met Lise and I've never been to Montreal - to get a present from there has been very exciting. I'm not sure why I've deserved such a glorious gift (it came with a label attached saying that it was a present for me) along with lots of 4" squares. I am so lucky, thank-you Lise. It has already been wound into a ball and I'm about to dig out my 2.5mm dpns to cast on a sock - the pattern for which was included with the yarn.

This, of course, has done nothing whatsoever to alleviate the dreadful case of Startitis which I'm suffering. I cast on for a scarf this morning (whilst waiting for the kettle to boil), am just about to cast on a sock and also want to make one of those amazing little cup cakes on the front of Betz White's new book. Tonight. What? You haven't seen that book? It's great - I am now scouring the charity shops desperately seeking pure wool jumpers that aren't machine washable. They are proving very elusive at the moment, but I'm trying.


Working Mom Knits said...

That yarn is fantastic! Such great colors and sheen. Lucky, lucky girl : )

Anonymous said...

There is a cure for startitis you know? It involves handing over your entire stash basket to a friend to look after until you have finished your current projects. Might I suggest that next time Brooke and I pop over we remove the source of temptation from your house? Purely to help you and your startitis of course! kerrie xx

Anonymous said...

There is a great shortage of shrinkable wool sweaters in our charity shops too....I have accidently shrunk a plain brown one beloging to my husband (he was away at the time and I rushed out and purchased an exact replica...what shall I do with it? It will be a LITTLE difficult for me to use it...unless I hide it for a year or two, until he has forgotten....or I could donate it to a worthy you? Fran
PS LOVE that yarn, it is really yummy,

picperfic said...

you deserve that yarn Michaela...that blanket was a labour of love!