Monday, January 7, 2008


Well I thought the maths behind Stranded was actually ok. I measured tension from Tipsy to see my stitch count, did all my multiplying, worked out A, B, C and D as requested by the pattern and set to work. And so here is the hat so far. I've had to change the fair isle bit as the charts given only worked for the designer's number of stitches. But it matches Tipsy now. Not that I would wear them together. It's so soft and would be lovely round my ears on football match days but for one slight problem. It's big. Not just big but very big. I keep on trying it on in the hope that it will get smaller, but it doesn't. If anything it keeps getting bigger.

So do you have any great ideas? Any skinny people out there need a cashmere boob tube?

And don't suggest frogging it. I don't frog. Ever.

And another thing, why knit the first 1.5" in fair isle when the turned-up rib will cover it up?


Anonymous said...

Oh, sure, just try to explain "cashmere boob tube" to your co-workers who come over to ask what is so funny... :-)

Thanks for the giggle!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could turn up the rib, stitch in place, thread gentle elastic thru, knit the hat body longer and voila, a tam'o'shanter. Or grow dreadlocks and fill it with them? Only trying to help!

picperfic said...

I'm with anonymous...I thought of a dreadlock hat! lol...but how about beret sort of a hat? You could always put some shirring elastic in the ribbing to make it fit round your head? You could block it on a dinner plate...i always wanted to do that!

Rosie said...

Might it be feltable? It could make a cute bag if it comes out too small to be a hat!

Working Mom Knits said...

BOOB TUBE!!!! Love it : )

ps: you know you SO want to wear Tipsy with a matchy-matchy hat!

Anonymous said...

Steek it, and seam it. Hee hee. kerrie x

Anonymous said...

Or a boob tube under Tipsy (which is beautiful btw)! It's a great looking hat but I'd sort of rejected it after seeing that it was enormous on the bloke who is modelling it! Abi x