Friday, January 4, 2008


Laughable really. Talk about extravagant! Can 650g of Posh Yarn Sophia 4-ply really be called leftovers? Well this is what's left after Tipsy - enough to knit another one! And still have even more leftovers! I have been wondering what to make - not going to do another Tipsy - and found a lovely pattern for a hat on this month's Magknits. Stranded. I'm not a hat sort of person really, but hey, why not! It'll keep me warm on those freezing cold playground duty days. Will mess my hair up (never really bothered about that though) but I like the idea of a cashmere woolly hat. Anyone else fancy doing one too? I'll be casting on tonight!

So Startitis has reared her ugly head yet again. So much to me finishing Lizard Ridge as a priority. And the Moebius. And the purple cable cardigan in Posh Emily. And the infernal Scribble Scarf. And the socks, gloves, jackets and jumpers yet to be cast on (that I already have the yarn for). I am determined to knit all of this year's Christmas presents - well, most anyway - just hope I can get my own knitting out of the way first!

Hope you are all being far more strong-willed than me!


Working Mom Knits said...

A combination blow of startitis and Christmas gift making talk already? Have you become me/American?

Not into hats here but there's something to be said for hair that has static electricity/cling due to being held down by a CASHMERE hat :)

ps: weren't you working on Scribble when I MET you??

Anonymous said...

Rock on!!! That is some left-over stash!!! I love the colours, love Tipsy, and I'm SURE there will be lots of people just wishing you to knit something lovely and cashmere-y from them for their chrissy pressy!!! (I have my eyes closed and my fingers crossed, if not you, then someone may hear me wishing!!! LOL) I just put aside my Rowan Polar cradi in favour of knitting another predictable grey ribbed aran pull-on hat for one of the men in my life who is about to go to cold windy Chicago....because although I like the look of these thick yarns when they're knitted I always forget what a hassle it is to actually knit with the thick stuff!!! (Any excuse, eh?) I am trying to reward my self, so that for every 2 things I finish, I can start one new one, soon I should be reduced to a manageable number of W-I-Ps.....s-o-o-n.... Fran

Anonymous said...

I MEANT Rowan Polar CARDI !!! Doh! Fran (Sorry)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Definitely suffering from Startitis over here too - lots of bloggers are planning to use January to finish off all their WIPs but I just want to play with new things right now after all the pressure of HAVING to get things done before Christmas! Good luck with whatever you decided to make with your leftovers! Lucy x

Denise said...

That all looks lovely yarn, I hope the hat turns out well. I don't knit much for myself and will be trying to do kiddy Christmas knits this year.