Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Picture meme

OK then, Vicious Chicken, I have risen to the challenge and had a go at this picture meme - you answer some questions about yourself, and you type each answer into a Google image search. Then, for each question, you post one of the images from the first page of results.

I have spent far too long doing this and it's now very late. The washing is still not washed. The pots are still not put in the dishwasher. There are 4" squares all over my living room floor. And I need a cup of tea. But here goes anyway...

1) Age you will be on your next birthday:

2) Place you would like to visit:
(Not long now eh Warren!!!)

3) One of your favourite places:
(Happy memories but not been there for years)

4) Your favourite object:
(Can a skein of Posh Yarn truely be called an object?)

5) Your favourite food:
(Is there anything else?)

6) Your favourite animal:
(Love the way they laugh!)

7) Your favourite colour:

8) Name of a past pet:
(Sadly missed)

9) Where you live:
10) First teacher's last name:

11) Your middle name:

12) A bad habit of yours:

13) Your favourite flower:

14) Your favourite holiday:

Jamaican Honeymoon. No contest.


Anonymous said...

yum, cake. I have been SO good this year and havent had any cake or desserts at all. That chocolate cake could be the undoing of me though, it looks gorgeous. kerrie x

the vicious chicken said...

I'm so pleased you've had a bash at this - it's fun, isn't it?

... although, yes: talk about labour intensive...

PS. you're right, I didn't have a pet called Cigar - he was a springer spaniel called Rebel. And apparently you can buy Rebel cigars, which is what the pic shows... who knew?