Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 20th - nothing special

As you know, today is my birthday. 42. Not a very exciting number, nothing special, but there you go. Twice 21 and half 84. I woke up, expecting (hoping) that at least I'd get a cup of tea in bed today. No such luck. After waiting for ages I decided to go and make one myself.

And you'd think being my birthday someone else would volunteer to empty the dishwasher. No such luck. Did it myself.

And set breakfast up - OK so this didn't take long, but even so...

I had to make a birthday cake to take into school tomorrow (and because it's me, they have also requested scones with jam and cream).

And then there was the washing up to be done.

So having eaten breakfast, my family needed lunch. Was I taken out for lunch? No. Husband is going to work today (not until 4.30) so we can't possibly go out as he wants to clean the car. So I cook lunch.

And then of course there's loads of washing up, which yet again I do on my own. (I'll spare you that photo, it's not pleasant!)

And this afternoon, the ironing basket had miraculously stayed full up, so I had to iron everything in it. And take it all upstairs. And put it away.

And then I had to decorate the aforementioned cake for school.

It is now nearly 7.30 and I'm going to try and enjoy what's left of my birthday. 'Cos I sure as heck haven't enjoyed it so far.

(I must say that amid all this moaning, I did get 5 minutes to open my pressies. But I'll share those with you another day. I'm far too fed up tonight)

Update. Have just remembered that I have to spend the evening writing out invitations to husband's birthday party (printer's bust). It just gets better and better.


the vicious chicken said...

Sorry to hear you've had a bit of a rotten birthday so far - but HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! from me, anyway.

Hope you do manage to enjoy the rest of your day... and maybe things will seem better tomorrow when you get to have some of that yummy-looking cake you made for school...

Monkee Maker said...

Oh Michaela! How the tharg did you manage not to swear during that post??

Sorry you had such a crubbish birthday .... you really need to put your foot down! Come here and I'll show you how it's done ....

I hope you have a happy what's left of your birthday!


Kitty said...

Hi. I've been a regular lurker here for quite a while now, but this post has tempted me out of the comment closet.

(((hugs))) ... hope you don't mind being hugged by a perfect stranger (actually I'm not at all perfect, but let's not go into that *blush*).

I'm so sorry you had that sort of day for your birthday - quite frankly, it stinks :-( Everyone deserves to be made to feel a teeny bit special on their birthday.

I hope you have a nice evening, and that your rest-of-week (not to say rest-of-year) are even more special.

:-) x

dottycookie said...

Awww, sorry it's been a less than stellar day - but happy birthday anyway. Tell you what, head down the M11 and we'll give you a big glass of red wine :-)

I think you should eat the cake all by yourself ...

Working Mom Knits said...


and love from the Pope too!

ps: go ahead and accept Kitty's hug - I can vouch for her being as nutty as the rest of us : )

quinn said...

Another big (((hug))) from another semi-stranger!

Your birthday sounds a lot like some of mine :(
now I've gotten into the habit of giving myself the best presents ever, just in case someone else forgets to do it :)

sharon said...

BIG hugs coming from Canada, cause I totally understand. Good for you for doing the things that had to be done - and we will listen to your venting and send hot tea, and sweet crumpets and the laundry and ironing fairy your way to try and make it better.
It just makes me want to scream on their birthdays and you ask them to do something and they say it's not fair cause it's their birthday.
Hopefully the pressies made up for it and please enjoy a few moments of you time.

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to read such an account of your 42th birthday, and I definitely hope you will be able to allocate some domestic tasks to others very soon. You certainly deserve better. XX

Giulietta (Lise)

joy michelle said...

*hugs* to you! I just went through one of those less than glorious birthdays recently and I understand exactly.

I wish you a much better un-birthday tomorrow and I hope your family is consumed with guilt and buys you loads of chocolate.


Anonymous said...

HUGS from me too...I didn't know it was your birthday, and am suitably grovelly in feeling very bad about that!!! Wishing you chocolates and cake and crafty presents...I reckon if your birthday ain't up to scratch you have every reason to go out and create a better one...with someone else's credit card (he knows who he is!!!) That's what I'd do! (It really does make you feel better!) Fran xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday, sounds a bit like my 50th so I feel for you, personally I'd be abdicating a bit on the hubby's birthday

Anonymous said...

sorry you had such a unhappy birthday - maybe you should compensate and run off to wonderwool at the weekend?!!
Ruth x

Jacqui said...

Aw! Sometimes it stinks being the Mum! Bet everyone else in your family gets spoiled on their birthday. Hugs and happy belated birthday xx

Pink Sky said...

Oh my, looks like they really need to make this up to you!!! :( Maybe with some fiber or jewelry???

My birthday was on a weekday a couple of weeks ago, and everyone at work forgot. The thing is, they usually do cards and cake for everyone else, so I can relate. We must have a birthday edict passed on to the husband and children that you get to be queen for a day, and that means no chores!

Happy Belated Birthday and many hugs!

Ellie said...

Oh dear. Poor you. I know how it feels as my birthday regularly got ignored - until my OH left me and then I could spend my birthday how I wanted rather than as just another day.
Hope you'll accept another hug from another lurker.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh no! You shouldn't have to have a crappy birthday! Happy Birthday from me (although I'm late - that's par for the course with me really I'm afraid!!)

I hope you manage to get out for a treat soon - if not you should get on the train and come and visit me and we'll both go out for a jolly together - and I'll treat you to tea and cake that you haven't had to make!

Big big hugs from me!

Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kylie said...

Happy Birthday - I will be following you with the same in a few weeks - the big 30 - I dont think that I am asking for much - maybe just for the kids to be happy!

picperfic said...

oh Michaela....that is so sad, I sympathise and I understand. Have a hug honey xx