Sunday, April 13, 2008

Please help

My eldest son has some homework to do and he needs your help. He has to do a survey on pizza - I know, great homework eh?! He needs to know your favourite flavour pizza - toppings and base if possible. Please help him (and truth be told me too) and leave a comment telling us your favourite flavour. If you want to be super helpful, you could even ask the rest of your family, we'd like this to be a bigger survey than just our immediate family.

Many thanks from the Pizza Survey HQ



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Ok, I'll help!!! I went to Pizza Express for the first time last week and had a really lovely pizza - quite a thin base (but not crispy - must have had quite a lot of olive oil in) and then the usual tomato and mozzarella and then pine nuts, capers, black olives and sultanas(!) and I had some added chicken too. It was really delish and I think was called a Veneziana.

The children and Mr Locket like pepperoni best but I like more "interesting" combos.

Hope that helps, Lucy

P.S. Not even going to look at the pudding post!

Anonymous said...

I just found you through LCR. My favourite pizza? Chicken, Camembert, and Cranberry on a thin, but not crispy base! Hope that helps.
Take care,

picperfic said...

I like Hawaiian deep pan
Barry likes pepperami deep pan
Maisie (11) likes pizza hut stuffed crust chicken supreme with extra mozzarella

now I am hungry! I think i want what Maisie likes!

quinn said...

Here's mine: thin crust, crispy on bottom, with feta cheese and artichoke hearts atop standard issue tomato-based pizza sauce.
this thread will be fun to follow...lots of ideas for future pizzas!

paper-and-string said...

What funny homework!!
My fav is deep pan, no sauce (i'm weird like that) with chicken pepperoni and ham.
John's fav is meat feast. more meat the better!! with sauce!!

I worked my way through a levels and degree at Pizza Hut, hawaiian was always popular and the super supreme (with everything on) most people had deep pans. But that inside (10 years old) info may be cheating ;-) PLUS they weren't called deep pans just simply Pan pizzas.


alltangledup said...

mine is pepperoni with jalapena peppers, onions and olives

Anonymous said...

Fran: Very thin base, spicy vegetarian topping
Iain: Thin base, margherita topping with pineapple
Jo: Thin base, spicy meats topping
Kath: Extra cheese and lots of veggies with ham and chicken, no peppers
Jim: No pizza....just a big medium steak and salad....

SORRY...we're not all helpful (or listening properly!?) in this house, are we JIM???

Happy pizza-ing! Fran

kerrie said...

for me deep pan with chicken and onion. brooke - deep pan with tuna, ham and pineapple. cam likes ham and mushroom and wayne likes anything as long as it isnt vegetarian. Trinity is not too fussed at all, she'll eat anything so maybe isnt that helpful for the purposes of your survey

Merry Mog said...

I recently made my own. Thin base not too crispy. Tomato base, cheese, ham, mushrooms, peppers.

Kathleen said...

Hand tossed crust - a bit thick and thin when hand-tossed.

spicier, rather than sweeter, tomato sauce.

Lots of Mozzarella.


Very plain jane, I am!

Maxine said...

My favourite pizza is thin base with tuna, prawns and sweetcorn. Hope that helps!!

Anonymous said...

Your meringues look beautiful, I love your Saturday pudding posts.
Fav Pizzas:- Chris - Pepperoni thin base, Mike - Thick meat feast, Suzanne Crispy Ham and pineapple Good luck with the survey.

Anonymous said...

hawaiian deep pan for me!

warrenincolne said...

I'll have a lightly spiced meaty thin crust (pepperoni, or spicy beef/chicken), please.

And make Kathryn's a thin crust mushroom, ta.

Marie said...

A subject dear to our hearts as DD is a pizza-monster. We like:

Me: ham, mushroom and green peppers on a deep pan base.

DH: meat feast on thin and crispy base.

DD: just cheese on thin base.

DS: whatever anyone else is having ;)

He's going to have the most internationally inspired home work of the class!


Lacee said...

I prefer the classic (not plain, classic =P) cheese pizza with a hand-tossed (as in, not deep pan, not thin) crust. =)

Anonymous said...

For me, it's just got to be Spicy Chicken with mushroom, onion, tomato. Hubby's favourite is Spicy Meath Feast. Both Deep Pan :o)

dottycookie said...

I like a thin crust with mushrooms, tomatoes, olives capers, occasionally blue cheese but always an egg broken on top. Yum!

trashalou said...

Homemade or shop? umm.... lightly cooked onions, ham, tomato/pizza sauce, lightly cooked onions, grated mozzarella/parmesan/cheddar (no, seriously. all three!), lightly cooked onions, errr.... sometimes when the kids are making it they add pineapple. If I am eating out I like one with lots of vegetables.

Does this help and is my pudding still sitting in the fridge waiting?

trashalou said...

Have just read what everyone else has witten and I forget to say - we like our crusts on the thinner side.

Please let us know the results, i'd be fascinated.

Cybèle said...

Has to be deep crust - the bread bit is the best bit of a pizza for me! And for topping: anything, as long as it's not too spicy.
My very best pizza was a square one with loads and loads of onions which I had several times when I was on a school trip to Rome years ago. Yummmm.

joy michelle said...

Red peppers, onions, spinach and artichoke hearts. Hand tossed crust, extra sauce. The rest of the family just likes plain pepperoni.

Denise said...

I don't have a fav as such but I think I enjoy the more traditional pepperoni pizzas best. I prefer a thin crust cos I can eat more slices! My hubby loves the meat lovers pizza, which is pepperoni, sausge, ham, bacon, and just about any other meat you can think of! And his HAS to be Deep Dish. And we both agree Pizza Hut makes the best pizza.
Austin, TX

Wendy said...

Give me the works... all the way! Pile it high with all the meat and veggies that it can hold.

Anonymous said...

Can I have pizza for breakfast???

sara said...

thick base duck woth ho sin sauce.
This is a special that they do at Domino's pizza's every now and again. Lovely.

Kylie said...

Ok - not sure if this will help all the way from Australia. This is not my favorite pizza - but there is one over here called the "Aussie" It has cheese, onion, bacon and eggs on it - Yes you read correctly - sort of like breakfast on a pizza.

Our favorites are Meat Lover with BBQ sauce and Super Supreme

And here is a link to a yummo base to make at home

Kazza said...

It has to be thin for me, I find deep pan pizzas too stodgy. I love pizza with mushrooms and sweetcorn on, and a nice garlic dip to dip your crust into, mmmmm!!!

Anonymous said...

All of us like thin, crispy bases. Most of the time we make our own but would eat pizzas at Prezzo or Pizza Express if we go out.

DH likes everything except pineapple on his pizza but if he had to choose he'd go for a 4 seasons with extra chilli and olives. His pizzas are works of art.

DD1 likes ham, mushroom, pineapple and olives - she's not allowed pesto but would love it.

DD2 likes ham, olives and capers with a dribble of pesto.

I like everything except mushrooms and anchovies - lots of chillies, olives and capers.

HTH Abi x

Anonymous said...

Pepperoni Mushroom

DH loves Pineapple Ham

we both love regular crusts. :)

Monkee Maker said...

Oh my god, am I ever hungry now after reading through all of those!

I like a thin base, tomato sauce, onion (red and white preferably), goats cheese, spinach, pancetta, pine nuts, with a splodge of Rocket on top please.

And a Nicoise topping for RGH please, but hold the cheese.

.... does your lad know our address or do I need to send it to you again?


Working Mom Knits said...

Are we too late?

TLG - cheese, please

TBG - (Ledo's Pizza please) cheese, sausage and onion with(sweet) tomatoe sauce on cracker-type crust

WMK - "mama's special white" = white pizza, roasted red pepper, artichoke heart and mushroom; not going to Mama Lucia's for pizza? Then I'll have pepperoni, mushroom, onion - or something very "unusual"

ps: Sadly, TBG is too high-brow for Pizza Hut

katrynka said...

My husband loves Pizza hut super supreme with thin and crispy crust.

My absolute favorite pizza ever is the old fashioned "tossed" crust, that is thin, but with big bubbles at the edge of the crust, with pepperoni and mushrooms on top!!

Jorun said...

Thin crispy bottom with a very thin layer of tomato sauce. After it's been in the oven, cover with ruccola (=rocket salad?), add a dash of olive oil and some parmesan flakes and black olives.

Lovely and very fresh!

Anonymous said...

ME chicken with red pepper on a thin base
P ham and olives thin base
K ham and pineapple deep pan
Si meat feast deep pan

Rosie said...

the best pizza I ever had was in Britanny: base so thin that it was almost a pancake, no cheese, lots of seafood. But as we're in the UK, make mine a Pizza Express Fiorentina (thin base, spinach, cheese, poached egg)

Probably Jane said...

Safood for me: tuna,prawn, anchovy, olives and jalapeno peppers is my dream pizza on thin crust