Wednesday, April 30, 2008


OK, so it's hard to believe I know, but just look at this will you - five, count them, FIVE finished objects. Never mind that 2 of them are so tiny they only took an hour or so to make, they are finished. Which means that my tally for completed objects has doubled in a few days. Getting worried yet Warren?! (To all you casual callers, my friend Warren has pledged to donate £1 to a charity of my choice for every completed object finished before my trip to Ally Pally in October - providing I don't buy any yarn until then. It's tough!)

The yarn from these very gorgeous items is some fantastic cashmere from this place

In other news, knitting has been very slow of late as I've been doing a couple of quilts for Lucy Lockets mini quilt swap. I haven't done any sewing for ages and have really enjoyed this. The house is an even bigger jumble now though as I have sewing stuff out as well as woolly stuff. I thrive in mess. Pity my husband doesn't though!

More cakes are in the oven as I speak so there will be more cakey news later this week and next.

A friend and neighbour is wanting to do some charity knitting - anybody have some good causes? I have been very taken with the idea of Rugz 4 Kidz and am giving serious thought to starting one up over here. Is there already an English version though? And maybe instead of doing this for kids, maybe elderly people? Any ideas would be greatfully received.

And on the subject of blankets (cos that's what these 'rugz' really are) did you see how much the American version of Oliver's Blanket sold for? $960!!!!! The winner from the raffle very kindly donated it back for auction on e-bay. Great news for Oliver.


Kylie said...

Oh they are cute - and go for it with the rug. Sounds like a fantastic idea to do it for the elderly!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea for the blanket...rug(z4etc)?...count me in!!! I'm into blankets just now and have made one for a precious newborn of my friend Liz, and have plans for another for my daughter's friend, Lana's baby (due in 3 weeks) How do you join up? Maybe several should be on the go getting passed around, like those patchwork squares in the U.S? Just an idea! Fran x

Working Mom Knits said...

Careful M - looks as those these ladies are encouraging another charity blanket organizing party at the Stash Basket!

Margery said...

Hi, Michaela - you asked "Is there already an English version though?" Have you heard of Project Linus UK?
They ask for blankets to give to sick children.

NAYY, Margery.

Anonymous said...

The hat, mittens and booties look gorgeous. Scarlet will be the best dressed baby in the village!

Kathryn x

Barbara/Ring-a-Rosie said...

I think the rug thing looks fantastic - definately add my name to the list. Check out my blog - you won.

Barbara x (& Arthur Stringfellow)