Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A very unusual day

Today has been a very unusual day. One that needs writing down on the calendar.

Today my 2 children played happily together all day. They can normally go for a couple of hours, but today it really has been ALL day. No tears, whinging, arguments, shouting, swearing, fighting... Just happy boys, playing like 2 happy children.

This is them on the trampoline. No, it's not snow. They emptied a whole watering can full of water and half a bottle of washing-up liquid and slid, bounced, made bubbles and for once in their lives, came in the house clean, rather than caked in mud. Miraculous!

This has given me the chance to get a few things done. I have been feeling very lazy of late and just don't seem to be getting much done, so I got up early and set about some jobs. So today I have:-
  1. Washed, dried and changed all the bedding
  2. Did all of the washing (yippee, empty basket now)
  3. Defrosted the freezer
  4. Scrubbed out the inside of 2 wheelie bins
  5. Scrubbed 1 pair of football boots
  6. Scrubbed 1 pair of trainers
  7. Hoovered upstairs and downstairs (even done the stairs)
  8. Made lunch
  9. Dusted (truly a day of miracles!)
  10. Baked, butter-creamed and froze 2 x 12" chocolate almond cakes
  11. Baked a 12" lemon cake ready for attention tomorrow
  12. Cooked tea
  13. Narrowly missed buying something on e-bay
  14. Sold something on e-bay
So that's been my day so far - still got to do something towards this years most important cake before bed time, so I'll love you and you leave you until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I've had to sit down now, Housework. You mad woman. Chocolate Almond Cakes sound delish though.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Glad to hear you had such a good "unusual day"!!!! And could you make and sell mini cakes (particularly chocolate and almond) to all us hungry-I'm-not-really-on-a-diet-honest bloggers???? I'm sure it would take off!

Working Mom Knits said...

Hmmm... never pegged you as the love-'em-and-leave-'em type.

ps: wonderful idea re the bubbles on the tramp! TLG is dying to come play at your house : )

pps: Dusting? He-of-th-kitten-soft-hands had to have been thrilled! No way any bad guys could slip and atomic bomb into a house that's been DUSTED!

: )


picperfic said...

I did dusting yesterday! I cleaned all round one grubby window frame and polished a window and some glass which sits on the windowsill. I then went upstairs and brought down the vacuum cleaner and there it I am ironing! Still not hoovered up. Cake!! so exciting! x

Penny said...

Blimey! You've been busy. But it's good that the boys could get on with each other, and I love the washing up liquid on the trampoline.