Monday, June 16, 2008

Another pudding!

I decided to be kind and make a Sunday pudding as well this weekend, it being Father's Day and all. It was a sort of cheesecake, with chocolate, of course. And it tasted quite nice. In fact, there's some left, so I'm off for a slice - anyone else fancy some? OK then Kerrie, I'll get the kettle on, see you soon....

(Today I feel the need to make jam - photos tomorrow, might even share the recipe if it works out!)

(Ah yes, then I'm going to knit - hoping to finish Trudie this week. Ever the Optimist!)


Barbara/Ring-a-Rosie said...

Your Sunday Pudding looks devine! I love Jam making - there's nothing like seeing all the jars lined up and sparkling - complete satisfacton. Looking forward to seeing a finished Trudie.
Barbara x

picperfic said...

Oh Michaela, I love the look of that very naughty pudding. Barry bought two boxes of fondant fancies yesterday and I am eating all the pink and yellow ones. I cannot refuse a fondant fancy, something about them, although your lemon Madeira with lemon butter cream would win over them any day.

Looking forward to seeing your Trudie all finished.

I am going to collect some elderflowers to make some cordial, it has become a bit of a ritual for us, nothing like it with gin and a splash of fizzy water and ice!

Anonymous said...

Those week-end puddings are poetry and the elderflower cordial of your friend Picperfic makes me dream.


kerrie said...

jam making is on my list this week as well, just strawberry though - nothing that exciting. The cheesecake looks lovely, I was near your house on Sunday as well, should have popped over on the offchance of a nice pudding.

Merry Mog said...

Love the Sunday Pudding. Now jam making is in a different league - only tried once and it was a disaster. Look forward to seeing it.