Monday, June 9, 2008


Haven't shown you a picture of Trudie for a while, so I thought you'd like to see how she's coming on. Back and one front finished (well apart from an inch of the front). I love the way it's going, such lovely swingy yarn - I want to knit more with this! It winds up beautifully, feels so luxurious and is, I think, quite a bargain considering you're getting 100g of pure hand-dyed silk. And I personally know the people who dye this stuff, and believe me, they are every bit as lovely as their yarn!

But I am feeling a bit ill at the moment. Startitis is very bad. Quite the most severe case I have EVER had. And that's saying something. You see, I ordered this book and oh dear oh dear oh me. It is wonderful, there are probably only 3 things in it that I don't want to knit. (What is with that lace peignoir thing?). I have the yarn in the stashbasket for many of the projects and can feel myself slipping under the cover of the book just to check on my tensions.... And just incase you too might be tempted, The Book Depository offer free delivery to anywhere in the world.

There really is no hope for me.

I have absolutely no will power.

I am a bad, bad woman.

(No, I am a good, good woman with a slight yarn, book and casting on problem.)


kerrie said...

I do not need that book.
I do not need that book.
I do not need that book.
I do not need that book.


PS - you're right in your last paragraph, nothing bad about you in the least. xx

PPS - oh la la. Trudie is looking great, you chose fab colours. xx

Merry Mog said...

I love the colour of Trudie and you are doing well despite the startitis. I have finished another tea cosy AND a 2 phone socks for friends AND a cross stitch birthday card. BUT I still hve not sewn up the rabbit!!!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

You're not a bad woman but you are a very very funny one!!!

Good luck with that startitis problem!

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Warm summer days presently in the city. Trudy is definitely very pretty. I have two scarves on my needles and simply wish to complete these projects during the coming months. I am not an extremely ambitious knitter but stubborn, yes.


picperfic said...

I have an inkling to make the felted bag...a gorgeous book. I love the book depo, they have made hundreds out of me. My latest acquisition was More From Magnolia, it has the cupcakes recipe in it!