Monday, June 30, 2008


I seem totally incapable of looking 'normal' on a photo. But then I always seem to look like this, so perhaps this is normal for me. Oh dear oh dear! Anyway, here I am wearing the Aleita shell which I've just finished. And you know all those bad things I said about it? I've actually decided that I was wrong and I really quite like it after all. So I look bigger than I would like, but then if I stopped eating all the 'bad' things, then I would be thinner. So it's my fault, not the poor tank top's.

Greedy pig, that's me.

It hasn't helped that today in school we had loads of very over-ripe bananas. Do all junior schools have this free fruit scheme? Well, due to some incompetent person giving out apples last Friday instead of bananas (er, oopsie, that'll be me then) we had 150 very brown and spotty smelly bananas. Some were salvageable and were duly eaten, whilst others were beyond all hope. So not liking wastage of any sort, I brought them home and spent my afternoon off in the kitchen.

Now I know I've promised not to go on about food again, so I won't show you any photos. But imagine if you will the wonderful smells emanating from my kitchen as I made white chocolate and banana muffins, banana loaf, strawberry and banana choc chip ice cream, banana and rhubarb jam (I kid you not, it's strange to say the least!) and in an effort to be healthy, strawberry and banana smoothies. Most of the cakey stuff has to go back into school tomorrow as my penance for messing up the fruit, but the ice cream is definitely staying here!

Anybody fancy some strange jam? Warren?


trashalou said...

Banana ice-cream is my most favourite ever. I used to work in a cafe that closed for Winter and and I always took home the remaining stockpile of banana ice-cream. You were right to keep it all safe on your freezer!

BTW, the shell looks beautiful.

warrenincolne said...

Don't take any of it to school! Leave it all on your doorstep when you go to work and I'll collect it during the day. You do have a coolbox for the ice cream, don't you?

Lesley said...

Hellooooooooo - so that's you is it? - you actually look lovely and far too slim, considering those sinfully gorgeous puds you keep making!!!

Loving the new top!

I might pass on the strawberry & banana jam but we do the smoothies quite regularly round these parts.

Such an unfortunate oversight on your part to 'forget' to hand out the bananas at school :)


Anonymous said...

The tank top looks beautiful as do you in it.

Banana and walnut loaf hot out the oven with butter, the riper the bananas the better.
Love your blog

quinn said...

That's a lovely photo! Both you and your new top look delightful. And it's so nice to out a face to the voice :)

Did you say strawberry and banana chocolate chip ice cream??? I'm wilting in a seemingly endless bout of hot and humid weather...just imagining that ice cream is refreshing! Of course eating a bowlful would be even better

Anonymous said...

You look very natural on the picture and you have such a nice smile! I believe it's an excellent pic, Michaela. I do not like ripe banasas at all but I would definitely steel fresh lemon meringue pies from your kitchen without any feeling of guilt! Beware! ;)


Alison Boon said...

I got hungry just reading your post and had to go off and raid the fridge. Love the colours of the finished piece.

sara said...

the tank top is great and the ice cream sounds lovely!!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

You and your new top look gorgeous! Congratulations on finishing it!

And your afternoon in the kitchen sounds amazingly productive! But we want photographic evidence too - just to get our taste buds really going!!!!

Lucy x

Nathalie said...

I don't think I can read your blog anymore. I just want to eat all the time. I am still craving lemon meringue pie since the last post and that jam actually sounds yummy. Love rhubarb, love bananas what is there not to love!!!

kerrie said...

you look lovely! I'm planning rhubarb and strawberry jam this week. Your afternoon sounds like a lot of fun!

Working Mom Knits said...

You look great! A sight for sore eyes : )

ps: have 6 almost-too-ripe bananas in the freezer, when are you coming over?

Anonymous said...

mmmm banana bread.... Want the recipe? Fran

Pink Sky said...

Well, I for one don't mind seeing pictures or hearing about food. It's one of my favorite things out there!

It all sounds delicious. Now you are going to have to be careful to make sure no one lets the bananas go that way on purpose so they get more treats again.

The top looks great, the darker color is fetching and rather slimming if you ask me, not that you look as if you need to go on a diet by any means! :)

Lisa Isaacs said...

Great top! And you look fine too! Why are you worrying about dieting??