Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Holiday snaps (not my holiday though)

Look at all this pure unadulterated loveliness. Doesn't it make you swoon? It does me! Mum and dad have just been on holiday to Norway and managed to find some yarn shops. Aren't they clever? (And aren't I clever too Warren as I didn't have to pay for it!) (and as you all know, I only said that I wouldn't actually BUY any yarn until Ally Pally!) There is this alpaca and silk (project already lined up for this one... startitis again, but who cares eh!)

.... and this beautiful fine alpaca which is just screaming stripey socks to me...

... and this baby silk alpaca which I haven't quite decided on yet, but meantime is great for stroking.

Now you'd think I'd be grateful for all this yes? Well I was until mum and dad told me that they actually came home with some of their spending money in tact. They didn't spend up. Why I wonder don't they go back and see what other colours they can find in this gorgeous yarn? Mum is all for it, looking through the holiday brochures as we speak. Hmm, dad has suddenly gone quite pale!

Here's my mum in Norway, and below is my dad. Loving the look of the scenery there. Have just had another great idea. Maybe I could go with them next time! Any body else want to come and see if we can use up some of dad's spare cash?!!!! (Hastily ducking from my father here!)

It wasn't all serious yarn purchases though - they got me these incredible warm socks (my feet are permanently cold)

and this fantastic hat...

Didn't I say just the other day that I never look normal on a photo? And as if to prove a point, here I am!


Lesley said...

I'll come with you - I'm an expert at spending other people's money!!!

Those yarns are gorgeous, as are the yummy socks and the hat...well, the hat is fab and so expertly modelled :)

Your Mum really knows how to please you!


picperfic said...

Barry and I'll come too! What darling parents you have, they know exactly the right stuff to get for you! You look lovely in the photos, and you don't look fat! How did the cakes go down at school? Bet they disappeared in minutes!

Anonymous said...

I can't help smiling and laughing as I read your blog. I love the pictures of both of your parents. The yarns are lovingly gorgeous and numerous knitting projects will start screaming at you if they have'nt already. There is hope for achievement - maybe one complete pair of knitted socks before next trip to Ally Pally? ;)



k said...

oh beautiful beautiful yarn, I love your mum and dad.... If you ever need help spending your dads money you KNOW I could help you out.. xx

kerrie said...

whoops, clicked too soon and left you a half anonymous comment there! Sorry.

trashalou said...

If your dad is ofering then I'm in!! (What?! It worked with the jam!)

Very beautiful yarns and intrigued by the multi piece cast-on!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Ooooh! What a wonderful souvenir present to bring you!!! Can I go with them/you next time????

Your hat looks stunning!!

Lucy x

alice c said...

Nice to meet you - and that looks a pretty groovy hat for your next trip to Glastonbury!