Monday, July 14, 2008

Goodness - in more ways than one

Thank-you all so much for the messages of sympathy about Non. I've seen it written many times before that messages like this help, and now I've experienced it for myself. They really have helped, even though many of them made me cry again. His funeral will be later this week, so posting will be sporadic once again.

But onto happier news. Postie, recognising my sadness, has been very kind to me today. Remember I was looking for this book so I could knit myself a Klaralund? Well, a very kind lady in America sent it to me. And guess what everybody - I love it! And guess what else - I want to knit pretty much everything in it. I am a lost cause - I so hope that a Noro stockist or two will be at Ally Pally because I can see I'll be buying lots and lots and lots! I have started saving like mad and so far have enough to buy about 4 balls of Silk garden! How to earn more money? Anybody know?

I could start selling jam I suppose - my latest craze! (Not sure about posting it though!)

And Good Old Postie brought this today as well. I've wanted a decent sock book for some time, and blimey, this is certainly decent! Hey and guess what? I want to knit nearly everything in it. Just for a change!

Of course my next quandary is which yarn to use - have just grabbed these from the top of the basket. More lurks below I'm sure and more hides in one of the several other places that I secretly hide yarn!

So go on, which should I start with? Haven't cast anything on for ages now and I need to do something productive!

Oh yes, and I forgot to say, the fudge competition. I asked eldest son to pick a number between 1 and 21 inclusive (fortunately he knew what that meant and didn't need it explaining) . So, drum roll please......

Number 20, come on down!!!! (Lesley that's you, I had to laugh, all that creeping worked, even though he didn't even read it!)

Will probably do another thing like this in the holidays. I love making sweets! Almost as much as I love eating them.


RooKnits said...

There are so many great patterns in there. I'm doing (and loving) embossed leaves at the moment. SO I vote for that in the greens/blues- 5th from the left in a skein.
However I think the waving lace would look very pretty in one of the pinks/purples.

warrenincolne said...

If Michaela starts selling any of her produce--jam, cakes, marmalade--then I'd highly recommend buying it. I've sampled a few and would happily have paid for any of them.

(Damn! I think I just talked my way out of future freebies.)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Lucky lucky Lesley! Do you think she'll send me a piece? Hmmm, thought not too!

As for which wool - I like the pink and purple-y skein!

Lucy xxx

Anonymous said...

So you haven't been casting on for ages!(?) Smiles. What about July 3old plain scarf casting on? Elusive memory of the squirrel shelling nuts and then hiding his plunder out of his reach. ;)


Marie said...

You have to use that bluey coloured one in the middle!! Lush, lush, lush!

I can't believe I missed a fudge giveaway. Damn!


Working Mom Knits said...

Yippie Skippie! A new way to get Warren to fork over cash! Good going girlie - he walked right in to that subtly laid trap : )


*silently hoping that TLG's package hasn't gone missing...*

julie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Non. I hope the sadness mellows soon and leaves room for lots of happy memories to filter through. Hope you can enjoy a little gentle knitting - it's often such a good salve for hurts of all kinds x

trashalou said...

my choice would be the aqua-ey skein fourth from the right as I look at the picture. I reckon they would be beautiful socks.

Poor Lesley, it is unfortunate that she will be unable to actually enjoy that fudge. You know she has a masive sugar intolerance and suffers greatly for it? I feel it is my duty as a friend to save her from that. you already have my address right? :-P

Lesley said...

Ooh I'm sorry I didn't pop in earlier to say 'Thank You' in public! (been too busy eating fudge ;) ).

The fudge is ....ha! who am I kidding...was lovely!!!

I hid it from the kiddlies and shared it with Moogsdad. The verdict was FANTASTIC!!!!

Thank you so much!

I agree with Locket as I need to see that scrummy pinky purply wool knitted up.

I hope all goes ok this week in the run up to the funeral. Look after yourself and find peace in your lovely knitting.


p.s. idea for making money - SELL FUDGE!!!!!