Monday, July 21, 2008

Yarn Diet

Way back in February I decided to go on a yarn diet. Things had got out of hand at the Stash Basket and I decided that enough was enough. Too much money was being spent and not enough was being seen in the way of finished knitted thingies. And since then, I promise that I haven't spent a penny on yarn (I do not count knitted jumpers that I can felt as yarn Warren!)

But you know what? The Stash basket is over flowing yet again. And it's brilliant! So many kind people have felt sorry for me and have sent me so much yarn. Fantastic! This latest addition to the collection is from the ever marvellous WMK. It's come with a booklet of patterns, so I don't even need to wrack (rack?) my brains thinking what to make. Perfect!

Of course tonight I should really be making a cake, but oh dear me, I don't have enough margarine so will have to knit instead. How sad.

I urge all of you to go on a yarn diet too. It's done wonders for me!

Oh and Warren? The bet is off. I think it's too unfair that you trusted me not to buy any yarn for 6 months - although I haven't bought any, it's cheating a bit that I still have loads of new stuff in the basket. And I don't cheat.

(You know the card game 'Cheat'? Well I could never cheat at that, always being rubbish at lying, and I always won anyway.) Smug cow.


Lesley said...

Oooh what delicious goodies from WMK!
D'you think if I announce a fabric diet everyone will take pity on me too? Just a thought.

Enjoy your knitting :)


trashalou said...

lots of loveliness there from WMK, just think what she may have had left to incorporate into THE BOX!!!

warrenincolne said...

You don't think I'm letting you off that easily, do you?

After all, it's for your own good: I'm sure it's the only way to keep you on the straight and narrow. If we cancel the deal, you'll be tempted by some beautiful hank/ball of yarn somewhere and won't be able to resist. Then you'll feel guilty at having blown the diet and worse still at having let all your blog-friends down.

I'm well aware that you're receiving "charity yarn"...I should be, given that my own wife has donated! But that's doesn't mean that you've broken the deal.

No, I'm afraid that the deal must stay.

Gina said...

Not a bad stash of yarn for someone on a yarn diet!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Just been reading your comments - what a cool guy Warren is! Keep on dieting Michaela! That new yarn is gorgeous - I agree with Lesley, perhaps going on a fabric diet would lead to loads of charitable donations!!!!

Lucy x

P.S that cake was great - I loved the saying round the side!

Merry Mog said...

Back from my hols. Lovely yarn. I have never had posh yarn. That cake is great. Whatever will folk think of next!