Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bora Da

Hello everyone, I'm back. Well, what can I say? The funeral was a very wet one - not only did it pour for most of the time, but I cried so much, I was just adding to the already sodden ground. People who know me, know that I am an emotional wreck at the best of times, but on such a sad occasion... well, suffice to say I am now back and life goes on doesn't it?

I shall be more upbeat this week, I have my memories of Non and they are happy ones, I shall never forget him, but for now, we don't want to dwell on sadness do we?

Happy, happy, happy.

And on that note, here's a rather silly cake that I was asked to do. Honestly, it's amazing the things some people request! Michelle is a dental nurse apparently. Ho hum!

Knitting wise, the stripey scarf is nearing completion - and I love it! So soft, such gorgeous yarn and great colours. More of that another day though. Getting very excited here as the Raiders of The Box swap is under way. Wonder when it will arrive here. Wonder what I can put in it. Must go shopping very soon to find something nice.

Also wondering what to cast on next. Really Giulietta, I honestly didn't think I had been casting anything on for ages. You see what a severe case of Startitis I must have? I don't even know I'm doing it anymore! I'm very much in the mood to start something new every single day at the moment. Wish I could finish a few things now and again though!

Tee hee, it's fun being rebellious...


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, Michaela,you are showing symptoms of a severe startitis and your pastry chef activities are only shortly disruptive. Such an urge to cast on cannot be put aside for very long. ;)

I hope you will enjoy a lighter week than the past one and that your happy memories of Non will attenuate your feeling of loss and sadness.

Very special and friendly thoughts for you.


picperfic said...

Memories are your own and will not fade, let's hope it stops raining long enough for us all to feel a bit brighter! That cake is amazing, the teeth are perfect too, you did well....again...!

Lesley said...

I hope this week is a happier one for you.

Starting something new sounds like a fine idea to me :)


Gina said...

Hi Michaela. I've been lurking for a few posts since the start of the box swap and thought it was time I said hello - especially as we both live in Cambridgeshire! I love that cake - like you say strange subject but beautifully executed! Hope happier times are ahead this week.
Gina x

Lisa Isaacs said...

What a fabulous cake! I am guessing just what you needed to lighten the mood a little. Brilliant!