Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Holiday resolutions

Made more jam yesterday. Very delicious and such a lovely colour. I'm now running out of jars though, couldn't bear it if I actually had to buy jars.

Today was the last day of the school year. I hate this day. Saying good-bye to all the leavers (although to be honest they've been shockers this year!) and staff who are moving onto new jobs. It's very much like new year - rather the end of the old one, if you get my drift. The 6 lovely long weeks holiday are something to really look forward to, so I have made myself a mini resolution list.

  1. Go fruit picking
  2. Make more jam and chutney and marmalade
  3. Cast off at least 3 things
  4. Cast on at least 4 things (yes, I know, I know...)
  5. Tidy up the Stash Basket
  6. Tidy up the airing cupboard
  7. Sew buttons on all my shirts and cardigans that need them
  8. Lose 3 stone
  9. Become more realistic about life
  10. Lose half a stone (see, number 9 is already achieved!)
  11. Cook healthy food for children instead of asking if beans on toast is ok because I want to knit not cook
  12. Visit friends
  13. Phone friends unable to visit
  14. Take children on exciting educational visits (eg cinema)
  15. Win lottery to be able to afford number 14
  16. Buy lottery ticket
  17. Do ironing as it comes off the line
Think that should keep me going for the first week don't you? How about you? Anything exciting planned?


duraknit said...

Michaela, here in the US, we're already 6 weeks into summer vacation, with 6 weeks still to go. I like your schedule better!!

Elizabeth D.

kerrie said...

Do you want me to bring you some jars? We've nearly eaten all the strawberry and rhubarb so will return that jar and bring you some more as well, we seem to get through them really quickly here! Love the list of resolutions, wish I was brave enough to make my own. Tomorrow is our last day at school.. x

Merry Mog said...

Wow, more jam. Wing some down here!
As for your list........ I don't believe you really want to lose three stone!! Think how gaunt you would look! We keep school hols free to treat our children.... by looking after THEIR children sometimes! Have some M Time too.x

warrenincolne said...

We have a fair collection of jars. We'll bring them over as soon as we can. And we'll try to remember to bring the knitting needles for Knitting Club, too.

picperfic said...

Going by the jars you used for your jam, you have expensive taste when your own jam runs out. Have you tried Lidls jam, it really is lovely! Wish I had a Lidls near me....as for your list, you are so funny, I love how your brain works. I might even do a list on my blog!

Jacoline (Lien) said...

I love your jam it looks so great. have a nice holiday, enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Hum... That cherry, strawberry and plum jam looks fabulous! Really impressed by your list of resolutions and particularly, I like the fact that you wish to win the lotery before buying the tickets. Can't wait! This apparent mind disorder bears some closeness to your startiis. ;) I need to think a little more before producing my own list of summer resolutions. Chasing some nice used jumpers in charity sales for future felting would certainly be one of them. I hope you will have some time for you, Michaela, through these summer vacations. xo xo


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your resolutions are so funny Michaela! Perhaps I should think up a list for myself - I never actually manage to keep them!!! Lucy x

trashalou said...

Isn't it nice when you can look at a list and see at least one thing crossed off? If nothing else you have ticked one box already - spells success to me!

Not wishing to enable or anything but what are you considering casting on?

P.S. even without promise of refill can return jar when situation desparate ;-)

Lesley said...

I'm right there with you on number 8! In fact the likelihood of me achieving that is far higher than managing number 17!!!

Great list Michaela - it always pays to have a plan :)