Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Perfection is all in the eyes of the beholder

Being a very untidy person married to a very tidy person often creates problems. I'm the untidy one in case you didn't know. My husband - David - has to have everything just so, the inside of the house is always very neat when he's at home (away in London at the moment, so the knitting is allowed to lie all over the house!). The garden is admired by so many people, but little do they know that it drives me nuts!

This is a hedge cum arch outside our back door - these are real trees people!

And here we have another hedge, cut into curves (this is actually needing another trim according to him!)

And yet another hedge, complete with a perfect row of sunflowers in front. We have loads of plants in our garden, it's just that very few of them are allowed to look like plants. Whilst I do like the tidiness sometimes, I often plead with him to leave the hedges alone. But nothing doing! He likes order, and as he does the garden, order is what we get.

But this weekend saw some drastic action was necessary on my part. He took my lovely nubuck shoes and polished them. And I mean polished until they shone so much they were more like mirrors. He could not understand my protestations of absolute horror. In my eyes they were ruined. In his they were just starting to look OK. ('Little more work needed to get them right')

But no matter, I remembered a tip someone once told me - sandpaper. So I've just spent half an hour sanding my shoes down, and they are almost looking like new. Husband is very cross - all his hard work has been wasted.

On the knitting news, here is the thing I started last week. Not as exciting as a hula skirt or even pixie clothes, just a plain old scarf. Based on the one from my new Interweave book, but I only have 50g of each ball, not the 100g called for, so it will be much smaller. And I've done moss stitch not rib. But I'm loving this scarf. And with the weather as foul as it has been lately, I'll be able to wear it before long!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh thank heavens Mr Locket isn't tidy - I think I'd probably give Mr Stash Basket a total breakdown! The mess in our house is unbelievable - which is why Mr Locket and I bought a copy of Anthea Turner's Perfect Housewife book today - boy do we have a lot to learn!!!

Love your scarf - how do you join the stripes together?

Lucy xxx

picperfic said...

MIchaela, your shoes are so pretty, I want some. I think I might have hit Mr Stash basket for spit and polishing them! Gorgeous scarf too...my ex used to love a flower bed with no flowers in, so he could fork it over easily! hah!

Cazzie said...

I'm another untidy one (I like things to hand) - drives my hubby nuts too.

I love your shoes - they really are pretty - I want some too :)

kerrie said...

you sound so much like wayne and i its scaring me! He once DARED to polish a pair of my shoes, it was almost instant divorce. The scarf looks very pretty!

Marie said...

Remind me to never let Mr Stash Basket near my house. He'd probably have apoplexy if he saw my front "garden" (I use that in the loosest sense of the term...based on the fact that it has green things growing in it).

Wow @ those hedges though. They're pretty amazing.

Arrghhhhh on the shoes! I think you might have to be giving him some lessons in the world of matt leather!


BigCat said...

What an interesting world you get when tidy meets untidy and tries to cohabit. I love the hedges. The shoe story made me giggle just a little bit.