Thursday, June 5, 2008

Swap package

Love my Postie! Ages ago Lucy Locket persuaded me to go in for her mini quilt swap. I was a bit wary, thinking that a mini quilt was suitable for a single bed not a double! I'm so glad I got persuaded though, as I got my package today from Lucy herself. There is the most wonderful card, full of all things baking orientated and 3 pressies all wrapped up in cupcake paper. It took a great deal of self-restraint not to rip these open straight away, but to look for the camera first.

I have been sent a beautiful brooch, a very useful notebook to keep in the kitchen - Lucy how did you know that I never ever ever have a piece of paper to hand in the kitchen? And then there's my quilt.

It's me! Did you get that I was shouting and squealing very loudly then? I just adore my little quilt. It's going to hang up in my kitchen. Thank-you so very much Lucy. It is perfect! (Hope you'll be doing one of these swaps next year!)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh I'm so glad you like it! I forgot to tell you that the design is a mix match of three designers! The main bit is from an Anni Down's (of Hatched and Patched) design in her book A Family Gathering, the cakes are from a Tilda design and the bowl is from a Bronwyn Hayes stitchery - so a real mish mash!

I hope the colours are okay for your kitchen - I did go back through your blog because I remembered you'd had your kitchen redone and I thought the blue colour would go well with your tiles - hope I was right!!!

Lucy x

Lesley said...

She's such a clever Locket! your mini quilt is gorgeous :)


kerrie said...

oh lovely, that all looks gorgeous - how lucky? (I've emailed you a few times over the last week but keep getting errors back saying unknown recipient. Can you email me and see if I can reply?)

picperfic said...

a delightful mini quilt, I look forward to seeing it in person!

Merry Mog said...

Lovely pressies you got there. And I see you managed to put up the Mojo icon. Thanks for the namecheck! I got some free yeast from Tesco today and feel a bread baking session coming on.... I used to do it a lot last year but haven't done any for ages.