Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Plain cake.

It's very difficult when a complete stranger phones up and asks for a Wedding Cake. I was told that a friend is doing a decoration for the top, the bride doesn't want anything too fussy and wants orange flowers round the cake. And that was it. That's all she said. Oh and she doesn't want to spend too much either. It really is not easy. But this is what I've come up with.

Got a 3 tier Wedding cake to concentrate on tonight, then hopefully it's soon back to the knitting. (In my mind I have cast on so much from my new book, but haven't had chance to really cast on yet!)

And on a very p***ed off note, whilst this lady is very happy with her postman, I am very cross with Royal Mail in general. Remember the felted jumper blanket I made for the tutorial? Well I posted it to a lady who has been very kind in donating huge quantities of wool jumpers to use in school. Sent over 2 weeks ago first class, it STILL hasn't arrived. I am seriously thinking it is now lost. Very not pleased Royal Mail. Very not pleased at all.


Working Mom Knits said...

Nice to work with someone who is not Bridezilla. But what a...strange way to purchase a wedding cake. Makes one wonder, was she as emotionally detatched when selecting the groom?

ps: the cake is really very pretty.

pps: 2.5 hrs at the lys last night and didn't purchase one thing! Might be a record for me!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Some commisions can be so tricky! And as for my postal service being good - I was just being nice! Yesterday I left a note on the door asking the postie to leave any parcels with a neighbour or over my side gate (and it was typed too so there was no issue re my awful handwriting!) and what did he do? Took it back to the flipping depot! I was fuming!

Those flowers on the cake are gorgeous!

Lucy x

Merry Mog said...

I have also had issues with non delivery by the Post Office. They send you a claim form then tell you, you cannot prove anything!!! The best oxymoron is Royal Mail! Anyway to the cake: Not want to spend too much indeed. I shudder to think what the cake for my son's wedding is costing and it's not hand made like yours. If you costed the ingredients and the hourly rate - then they would realise! You have done a wonderful job on it. Like the comment by WMK. People think hand/home made is cheap! Obviously not one of us (!!) All the best.

Charlie P said...

Very pretty cake :) Mmmm...

Lesley said...

That is such a pretty cake Michaela and I'm sure the bride will love it!

Our post is notoriously bad - we often get nothing for days or we get everyone else's!! I do hope your blanket gets to its destination safe and sound.


trashalou said...

Hang in there. We had Christmas arrive here in February when it had been posted from Australia in AUGUST!!!!

Also, daughter made Saturday pudding today all by herself! I shall post pictures tomorrow - come see!