Tuesday, February 23, 2010


OK, OK, so the finishing isn't going quite as well as it should be. I am still needing to cast on something new.

I have the yarn already lined up for Tempest.
I need a Shalom cardi - do not have the right yarn, but sure that can easily be rectified!
Just found these amazing little mittens and need to cast on quickly for them as the weather is showing no signs of warming up. (But also very fond of these mittens too)
I have wanted to make this hat forever.
Have got lots of super-soft mohair lined up ready for Liesl.

There is of course many more things I also want to make, but this is just a few of the 'must do next' ones.

But I must keep plodding along with the last sock. And then do a bit more of Soho.

Less than a week to go, then I can start something new. But what to start? (Anyone who suggests anything except Tempest will be totally ignored!)

So do tell me, what is at the top of your Ravelry List? What will you cast on next? Can you tempt me in a different direction?

Added much later - I've just found this pattern which I really need to cast on immediately because it's so great. Shame I don't have a dog though!


Mama said...

(looking frantically for the LOVE buttons to click on each and every one of your projects!)


wonderwoman said...

better be tempest then!!!! have just cast on some wrist warmers - made everyone else some but did not make any for myself and as we are back to the b-----y winter again i think i may need them!!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Will you slap me if I do a complete 'volte face' and say DON'T DO IT! Suffer from finishitis instead! You can do it - and you HAVE TO to prove me wrong! Locket xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh, just be done with it and borrow (or get?) a dog!!! (Fran, hello, it's been ages!)

marit said...

I think you've been doing great on your list!!! Get that second sock done, and then start Tempest- and then you can start looking for yarn for the other projects;-)
I'm not sure if I have a Ravelrylist...I never use it, exept for looking at patterns that someone else is pointing me in the direction of-LOL!

Ali said...

Have you seen the Shalom cardi as a sweater? http://www.ravelry.com/projects/jentide/shalom-cardigan-2
or this cardi?
Which I loved so much, I spent £8 to buy a hard to get magazine. Even though I think the pattern might be a bit tricky for me. And now I am on the scout for orange malabrigo lace yarn...